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Umiro – Review (PC)

by Jason Germinoon May 17, 2018
For $2.99 Umiro is a decent puzzle game with some solid challenges.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is here!

by Matthew Steigelyon November 21, 2017
Animal Crossing is here on your phone!

GameOctane’s Pokemon Go first impressions

by Jason Germinoon July 10, 2016
Ryan – First impression?  Besides the server hiccups and GPS issues, this game has some great potential.  I spent an afternoon with my son at the splash pad today.  We played in the water and took breaks looking for Pokemon.  The game is very easy to use, although a little glitchy at times.  We stood […]

Lifeline Review

by Jason Germinoon July 22, 2015
I have mobile game ADD. I’ll play a mobile game for about a week strong, checking when I have the time, challenging my friends to beat their scores…then the thrill goes away. I’m always longing for more, deeper gameplay…deeper story. There comes a time where you need to take a chance on a paid game, […]