Headsnatchers Early Access Preview (Steam)

by Shawn Hillon August 17, 2018
“Give me back my head!” Admit it.  You have always wanted to rip the head off of your friends and kick it into a goal, or over a goal post, or use as a football and kick into the uprights, or feed to zombie dogs.  If you have never wanted to, you will once you […]

Shio Review (PS4)

by Beau Seversonon August 17, 2018
A splatformer game that compares itself to Super Meat Boy in its description. A bold claim to be sure.

Metro Exodus ‘Aurora Limited Edition’ and Pre-Order Bonuses Now Available in North America

by Jason Germinoon August 17, 2018
Hell YES! Metro Exodus pre-orders are live in North America! Bonuses are different for each system, pop in and take a look!

The Endless Mission Beta Announced!

by Jason Germinoon August 16, 2018
The Endless Mission beta is COMING!!!

CI Games Announces Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

by Jason Germinoon August 16, 2018
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is coming in 2019

Crossing Souls Review (PC)

by Jason Germinoon August 15, 2018
Crossing Souls hits that late 80's/90's nostalgia perfectly.

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