Breaking News: Rockstar Limiting Physical Release Copies of Red Dead Redemption 2

by Shawn Hillon October 12, 2018
Breaking: Red Dead Redemption 2 shipments are reportedly being delayed to smaller retailers.

Pax Nova Announced! Trailer Inside!

by Jason Germinoon October 11, 2018
On you thought 2018 was ending soon? Pax Nova is one you should keep your eyes open for!

Earthfall’s ‘Invasion Update’ Gets a HUGE Audio Update

by Jason Germinoon October 11, 2018
This update just got better...

Fortnite Android Beta Now Open on Compatible Devices!

by Jason Germinoon October 11, 2018
Fortnite Android Beta is live*!! On compatible devices...

SEGA Bringing Bootyful Lineup of Content and Livestreams to TwitchCon

by Jason Germinoon October 11, 2018
SEGA is bringing some awesome titles to TwitchCon if you're planning on going!

Titan Quest – Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Matthew Steigelyon October 10, 2018
Does Titan Quest ascend to Olympus or is it a colossal failure?

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