Video: How to be a Great Crew Member in the Sea of Theives

by Curt Callawayon January 24, 2018
Here’s a visual tutorial/walk through of most everything you need to know to get started in playing Sea of Thieves. Please share this video with anyone you know that might be interested in this fantastic pirate fantasy.

Skill Up: An Investigative Report on the History of Pay-2-Win Lootboxes

by Curt Callawayon November 27, 2017
Apparently, there’s been massive fallout centered around Battlefront 2’s Lootbox system. Stories like this and this have been making their rounds in mainstream media because we as a community have said enough is enough when pay to win microtransactions show up in the main sections of our AAA game titles, and we didn’t say it quietly. Social Media […]

E3 2017 Impressions: Sea of Thieves (GO Best of E3 2017 Winner!)

by Curt Callawayon June 23, 2017
Pirates had a huge presence at E3 this year (Two games as a matter of fact, but in my mind only one matters). After the roaring success Rare Ltd. had a last year’s conference they came back had had some very cool things to show off. In all honesty, I was not at E3…. that was […]

Matthew’s EA Play Reaction

by Matthew Steigelyon June 11, 2017
Let’s get this out-of-the-way; this isn’t a news post, nor am I trying to give you a play by-play of what went down at the EA Play event. This is almost a stream of consciousness reaction to the event. These are my honest opinions and first thoughts about the reveals and teases. In no way […]

Nintendo Switch News is Almost Upon Us!

by Kal_Ellieon January 11, 2017
This week Nintendo is blessing us with not one, but TWO presentations all about the new Nintendo Switch console! So far all we have on the Switch is the trailer, and a video of Jimmy Fallon playing the console. That video was pretty hilarious, but we want more info on the Switch! Luckily, the time […]

New Year’s Resolution: No More Backlog!

by Ryan Welchon January 5, 2017
With a new year comes new resolutions! One GameOctane team member wants to tackle an issue facing all gamers - the dreaded Backlog!!