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The Last Man On Earth – Series Premiere (Some Spoilers)

by on March 2, 2015

Imagine for a moment if you were the last person on earth. What would you do? The possibilities of destruction, mayhem, and care free anarchy seem to come to mind initially. How would one survive? Where would you live and what would you eat?  All of these questions are the base premise of The Last Man On Earth.

At the opening of the episode it starts with a man by the name of Phil (Played by funny man Will Forte). He travels the country years later after a virus has killed everyone off expect for him (or so he thinks). He travels the country searching endlessly for any sole survivors that may still be around. With every country he passes through, nobody. However, that does not stop him from picking up a few things along the way including the Presidential Seal rug from the White House itself, several priceless artifacts from popular museums, and many other rare gems of the world.

Phil after many years on his own has had enough and comes to a breaking point like most would. This involves mainly just hanging out at the local bar and talking to various type of balls he has drawn faces on going Tom Hanks on us like in Castaway. Overall it was hard for me to initially grasp the concept that they could make a show like this bearable to even watch but somehow while I know its early in the season they seem to pulling it off quite well. The turning point for the show is that he meets a woman (Carol played by Kristen Schaal) who believes by running into him it is their destiny to repopulate the planet. Of course Phil and Carol have completely opposite personalities that seems to throw what could be a nice comical twist into the series.

Looking at the cast listing for the show, there is apparently only about five cast members in total. Moving forward it will be interesting to see how the show progresses and at this point could be anyone’s guess how well the show will take to the viewers. Now lets hear what you the readers/watchers think! Let us know in the comments below.

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