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Zombie Army 4 Release Date Announcement!

by Ryan Welchon October 15, 2019
The undead mayhem launches Early 2020!

World War Z Launches April 16th

by Ryan Welchon February 12, 2019
Preorder is now available for the upcoming zombie game!

State of Decay 2 Review (Xbox One/PC)

by Ryan Welchon May 17, 2018
Build your community and survive

Dead Alliance: Multiplayer Edition Review (Xbox One)

by Ryan Welchon December 12, 2017
An intriguing idea wasted by poor mechanics

Nazi Zombies are Coming to Call of Duty: WWII

by Ryan Welchon July 20, 2017
Check out the trailer for the new zombies mode coming to Call of Duty: WWII!