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Closed Beta Announced for The Crew 2

by Ryan Welchon May 16, 2018
Get a first-hand look at the upcoming racing sim!

Star Trek: TNG Content Coming to Bridge Crew

by Ryan Welchon May 9, 2018
Boldly go where the Enterprise 1701-D has not gone before

Ubisoft E3 Keynote Announced

by Ryan Welchon April 17, 2018
What does Ubisoft have in store for E3 2018?

Far Cry 5 Review

by Ryan Welchon March 30, 2018
May chaos forever reign in Hope County, Montana

Ubisoft Confirms Division 2

by Ryan Welchon March 8, 2018
We'll get our first look at E3 2018!

Far Cry 5 Post Launch Announcement

by Ryan Welchon March 6, 2018
Today, Ubisoft announced Season Pass information and live events for the upcoming launch of Far Cry 5