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Silicon Valley Comic Con Goes Mobile

by Noel Doyleon April 4, 2018
Silicon Valley Comic Con Goes Mobile with updated application, chance to win prizes, and much more!

Silicon Valley Comic Con Schedule Of Events

by Noel Doyleon March 28, 2018
Check out the Full Schedule For Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018, and get your tickets now if you have not already.

Silicon Valley Comic Con Affiliated

by Noel Doyleon January 26, 2018
  We at GameOctane are excited to announce that we are now Officially a Silicon Valley Comic Con Affiliate. We have had a blast covering the last couple of years for SVCC, and look forward to not only this year but the future years moving forward. We look forward to providing you more and more […]

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018

by Noel Doyleon November 22, 2017
Registration Information Registration is now open for Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC) 2018. The first guests for the April event were announced today by SVCC, including special guest of honor Stan Lee. Other guests announced were Sean Astin, Matthew Lewis, and Jewel Staite. “We are excited to launch SVCC 3.0 with such an amazing group […]

SVCC Expands with Outdoor Festival, and More Guests Announced

by Noel Doyleon February 23, 2017
Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 is almost upon us. Last years inaugural year had an amazing turnout of nearly 60,000 guests! We are gearing up for another big year and hoping for even more attendees. Something being added this year is the official SVCC Outdoor Festival. This event will be open to the public with special […]

Silicon Valley Comic Con Tickets are Available NOW!!

by Jason Germinoon September 23, 2015
Finally Northern California is getting a convention back for the first time in about 3-4 years since Wondercon left San Francisco for Anaheim. Sacramento has Wizard World but it isn’t the same. We have had a drought (pun) of geekdom for years now and people have taken notice…Major people. People with the name of Steve […]