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STAR OCEAN First Departure R Coming to PS4 and Switch December 5th!

by Jason Germinoon September 10, 2019
Star Ocean hopping on the remaster train, and damnit I can't wait!

Is It Really That Bad?: The Quiet Man

by Jmachineon June 27, 2019
Is "The Quiet Man" Deserving of it's hate or is it a misunderstood masterpiece? Let's take a look and find out "Is It Really That Bad"?

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Free Demo Out Today on PS4!

by Jason Germinoon June 27, 2019
Dragon Quest Builders 2 looks extremely promising to being a hit this year!

First Impressions – Avengers

by Ryan Welchon June 13, 2019
Everyone, relax- The Avengers are in good hands

First Impressions: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

by John Jefferson Jron June 13, 2019
Will the game that fans have been begging for going to live up to their expectations?

Dying Light 2 E3 Trailer!

by Jason Germinoon June 12, 2019
Falling on top of zombies? You better check this trailer out!