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The Escapists 2 Review (Switch)

by Ryan Welchon January 22, 2018
A nice sequel with plenty of co-op action

My Time at Portia Preview (Steam Early Access)

by Ryan Welchon January 17, 2018
Don't call it a Stardew Valley wannabe

Spiritual Successor of Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital Has Been Announced!!

by Jason Germinoon January 16, 2018
With veterans of Bullfrog, the original creators of Theme Hospital, Two Point is looking to bring back an epic, humorous, hospital simulator!

Planet Coaster – Review

by Jason Germinoon January 14, 2017
When I was younger I loved simulation type games before I even understood what they were. Starting with Theme Park and Theme Hospital, my love for them only grew from there. Then I got into Rollercoaster Tycoon, which in my eyes was the epitome of simulation games. I owned all three of them, DLC if […]