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First Impressions: EX Zodiac (PC)

by Jmachineon March 24, 2020
Those who have been itching for a new classic rail shooter in the same vein as Star Fox for the SNES will be delighted to know that Ben Hickling has been plugging away at his newest project: EX Zodiac. Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out the demo for this game and while […]

Karnovember Cometh

by Jason Germinoon October 27, 2018
Karnovember approaches, are you prepared?

Hector slashes Naomi

Pocket Rumble Review (Switch)

by Beau Seversonon July 12, 2018
Pocket Rumble takes all of the technical aspects of a deep fighting game and streamlines it in a way that even a beginner like me can pick up and understand.

RGLtv Announces Retrothon!

by Jason Germinoon March 12, 2018
RGLtv Announces Retrothon! Hey everyone, this is an event you DO NOT want to miss! Our good friends at Retro Gaming Live TV have announced Retrothon!! Simply put, Retrothon is a retro speedrunning marathon where everyone is invited. Running from April 22nd to April 29th on RGLtv’s Twitch channel. Be sure to follow them here. […]

New Life To Retro Style

by Noel Doyleon February 23, 2018
New Life To Retro Fun Browsing through my Facebook feed like so many people like to do on their downtime, I came across an interesting video that featured a company entitled 1Up Forge. 1Up Forge’s focus is to take old recycled video game parts, accessories, and really anything from the past of geek and turn […]

Indie Dev dream team assembles to make UFO 50

by Matthew Steigelyon August 7, 2017
UFO 50 looks like a smash hit collection of retro games that never existed.