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The Hungering Deep is Available Now!

by Ryan Welchon May 29, 2018
The Sea of Thieves update is available now, but it won't last long.

Sea of Thieves Content Announcement

by Ryan Welchon April 13, 2018
What does Rare have in store for their pirate adventure game?

Sea of Thieves Review (Xbox One X/Windows 10)

by Ryan Welchon March 23, 2018
Choose your own pirate adventure

Sea of Thieves Bundle Announced

by Ryan Welchon February 27, 2018
In news that comes as no surprise, Microsoft will have an Xbox One S bundle featuring Sea of Thieves.

Set Sail in the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta!

by Ryan Welchon January 9, 2018
The closed beta arrives at the end of January!!!

Sea of Thieves Progression: How to Become a Pirate Legend

by Ryan Welchon December 14, 2017
Today's progression announcement is great news for all future Sea of Thieves pirates