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NES Games ARE Worth Playing

by Jason Germinoon October 9, 2017
Recently video game website Kotaku released their SNES Classic review. (You can find it here:¬† I’m not looking at the review in full, but a small part of it that really kind of irked me. This is that part: ‘Today, sadly, most NES games are not worth playing. They are full of poor translations, inconsistent […]

Flash Back Friday: Contra Speedrunning with Special Guest Anthole

by Jason Germinoon February 24, 2017
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start – Though not the first game to use it, the action-packed, run and gun NES Classic, Contra, forced millions of children across the world to memorize the Konami code in an effort to subvert the game’s difficulty. The notoriously rage-incuding game, celebrating its 30th […]