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Trine 4 Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Ryan Welchon October 7, 2019
A challenging and whimsical fantasy puzzle game

Trine Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary With New Trailer and Giveaway!

by Jason Germinoon July 2, 2019
More Trine 4 updates and a Giveaway?!

Modus Games Announces Cris Tales!

by Jason Germinoon June 12, 2019
Cris Tales looks gorgeous, and a story that unfolds over multiple time lines? Count me in.

Degrees of Separation Review (Switch)

by Ryan Welchon May 13, 2019
A decent co-op puzzler that loses steam over time.

Override: Mech City Brawl Review (PC)

by Ryan Welchon January 17, 2019
A by-the-books mech brawler