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FINAL FANTASY XVI Announced for Playstation 5!

by Jason Germinoon September 16, 2020
Final Fantasy XVI is on its way to Playstation 5 as a console exclusive!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Launching August 27th

by Jason Germinoon May 28, 2020
A classic comes back as a remake. Who's ready to jump back into Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

SQUARE ENIX Shows Off Final Fantasy Music, Announces 20-City Tour

by Jason Germinoon January 31, 2020
Catch the music of Final Fantasy VII LIVE. 20 cities being announced soon!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster Edition Coming January 23, 2020!

by Jason Germinoon September 9, 2019
THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! Jan 23rd 2020!

First Impressions: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

by John Jefferson Jron June 13, 2019
Will the game that fans have been begging for going to live up to their expectations?

Final Fantasy VII Remake, All The News You Need

by Jason Germinoon June 12, 2019
Final Fantasy VII Remake is within our's so close...