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Flashback Friday: Top 10 Dreamcast Games with Guest Writer Travis_Stywall!

by Jason Germinoon September 23, 2016
Just a couple of weeks ago before writing this column, it was the birthday for one of my favorite consoles of all time — the Sega Dreamcast. We’ve built so many great memories with each other and with the continued support from independent developers we continue to create more til this day. But for today, […]

History of Battlefield: From the Front Lines

by Jason Germinoon July 8, 2016
The year was 2002. I was finishing up my final year of high school (graduating in 2003), and I was ready to break into the PC gaming world very unexpectedly. In the small town of Los Banos, California high speed internet was ungodly expensive and listening to the glorious, now joke-able tones of a dial […]