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Dual Universe releases Alpha 3 ‘Shattered Alliances’

by Jason Germinoon January 30, 2020
Dual Universe's Alpha 3 continues to show off amazing updates.

Updated Roadmap for Dual Universe, Alpha 3 January 2020

by Jason Germinoon December 5, 2019
This game...I cannot be more hyped.

Dual Universe’s Community Update and Updated Roadmap Incoming

by Jason Germinoon November 22, 2019
There's no way you don't get excited with every update these guys bring!

Dual Universe Launches Into Alpha With New Trailer

by Jason Germinoon November 29, 2018

Novaquark, developer of Dual Universe, reaches $11.5M of fundraising to support Alpha launch and game development

by Jason Germinoon August 8, 2018
Some more Dual Universe news, in other words, they made some BANK.