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Playstation Experience 2K15 – Day 2 Wrap Up

by on December 6, 2015

My last day at the Playstation Experience this year is done and I have to say it was an amazing experience for me. It was really fun to see all the latest and greatest stuff and being able to getting my hands on not only the big games but also the smaller indie style games as well.

I would like to take a moment and leave you with this to highlight and teaser of three games I was able to try. One game I will actually be starting the beta for in the next couple of days when I get some time to sit down with it.


Life Goes On

Life goes on is a simple and easy game to play in which move your Knight in a side scrolling, puzzle solving adventure. There is only one catch. YOU MUST DIE. It is impossible to get past a level without dying at least once. The less you die however, the more rewards you can obtain. Check it out for yourself, Out on Steam NOW and next year on Playstation 4..

Life Goes On Website

Earth Night

Dragon slaying, amazing characters, and one kick ass soundtrack. Did i just mention 3 things that most people find amazing and magical all at the same time? If you read that and said yes then Earth Night is your game. Sky dive down onto a dragons back and run, slide, and attack all while your racing away to a beautiful custom made soundtrack. The folks over at Cleaversoft are working hard to bring this game to life and doing a great job at it. Stay tuned closely to GameOctane as we will be sitting down and doing a live stream in the near future with the creator of Cleaversoft to discuss more about this amazing title. Until then read more about… Earth Nigh Website

Dead Star

I have to say with Dead Star I was not sure what to entirely think at first. However, once I got started and got my hands on the game, I could not put it down. Dead Star is fun to play and easy to control space shooter with multiple ships to choose from, clean graphics, and a really fun game to play. This is the game I was lucky enough to get into the BETA for and we will soon have a full write up on this game for your reading pleasure. Until then, stay tuned. Did I also mention the best thing of all about this game? It will be CROSS PLATFORM MULTIPLAYER.

Dead Star Website

Please remember that all three of these games we will be showing some great stuff on in the future very soon in the nature of either a full game write up, or live stream with the developers/creators. Until then, this is one of your GameOctane Editors signing off for Playstation Experience 2015, and I thank you for following along.

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