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The Joker Unleashed

by on April 24, 2015

With the up and coming movie already announced entitled Suicide Squad and much anticipation of who will play what characters we eagerly awaited who would play our favorite villain Joker. It was announced around holiday time last year in 2014 the Mr. Jared Leto himself would take over the roll as Joker on the big screen. This left a huge pondering question in our heads, that being can he pull it off and will he be better then Heath Ledger.

As we all know Heath Ledger did an AMAZING job as the Joker. Unfortunately he also had some real life inner demons that while may have helped him play the role as the best Joker we have ever seen on the big screen, it also led to his untimely death in 2008. Can Jared step in and take over? Does he have “the look”? Is his acting there that will blow us away as the Synical yet comical prince of the underworld of Gotham?

I do not know about you, but so far I would say he has the look down just enough to send us running to mommy asking to save us from the evil clown…..

The Joker

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