Bangarang : Rufio Before Hook

by Noel Doyleon February 15, 2017
As we know here at GameOctane, Kickstarter is a great way to raise money for those that are in need of backing awesome projects. Bangarang is exactly that but more. If you are thinking to yourself that the word Bangarang sounds familiar, you may remember a great film about Peter Pan who lost his way, […]

The Joker Unleashed

by Noel Doyleon April 24, 2015
With the up and coming movie already announced entitled Suicide Squad and much anticipation of who will play what characters we eagerly awaited who would play our favorite villain Joker. It was announced around holiday time last year in 2014 the Mr. Jared Leto himself would take over the roll as Joker on the big […]

Tomorrowland (2015)

by Noel Doyleon March 11, 2015
For this writer, I am pretty excited to see the soon release of this movie that is currently set for May 2015. For those Disney fanatics out there, if you see the title Tomorrowland and think to yourself about the wonderful land of the not so future anymore, you are correct. Recent rumors are buzzing […]