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Kingdom Hearts 3 Adds Monsters Inc. to Its World

by on February 11, 2018

A new teaser was shown at D23 Expo in Japan and it showcased a couple of new information regarding the long-awaited third installment of Kingdom Hearts.

The teaser contained more footage of the Toy Story world, additional combat elements and the main focus of the trailer – A confirmation to Monsters Inc. being added in the game.

Starting with Toy Story, we’re introduced to the main plot of the world and joined by a couple of the animated movie’s iconic characters like Buzz Lightyear and Woody. The world is lush and amazingly detailed with Sora, Donald and Goofy appearing as toys in this world.

We also get a glimpse of some battles within the world. Most notably is Sora’s ability to pilot some giant robots for combat, though whether this is available for the entire world or just certain area is uncertain.

Moving on to Monsters Inc. it seems as though they’re following the story of the first movie, where there’s still a stigma over children. Combat footage were also added in the mix and from what we can tell, you’re no longer required to swap out Donald or Goofy in order to bring world-specific characters in your party (ie. Swap out Donald for Mike), but whether this is a permanent fixture or just specific to the Monsters Inc. world is also not certain.

Sora gets a lot more weapons… rather, toys in this set. The previous teasers showed Sora’s new guns, this time, they featured yo-yos that are capable of changing size and shape. It can even turn into a pair of hands that can pound enemies between them.

Other new weapons showcased include a staff and a large hammer, these weapons are part of Sora’s Drive Forms, a gameplay mechanic that was introduced in Kingdom Hearts II. So far, the only confirmed form name is Guard Form which transforms the keyblade into a large shield.

Finally, we see the return of Marluxia, the lead of the antagonistic Organization XIII in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Sora doesn’t have any recollection of him, though Marluxia states that he remembers our hero all too well. This could mean that we’ll be seeing the return of the other members of Organization XIII, but only one more has been confirmed so far; Xemnas.

Aside from Organization XIII, Vanitas was also sported as a returning villain. It isn’t confirmed if we’re going to see the return of the trio from Birth by Sleep, but Vanitas is shown to address Ventus who’s residing within Sora.

Here’s the full trailer:

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