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If You Haven’t Bought the BioShock Collection Yet, Here’s Why You Should

by on September 29, 2016

As a long-time fan of the BioShock series, I was definitely excited when I heard the news about the BioShock Collection. For those that may not know, the BioShock Collection is an HD-Remastered bundle of each of the 3 BioShock games, as well as all 1-player DLC. It was released on September 13th for Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.

I’m not going to spend my time reviewing any of the games. That’s been done over and over; everyone already knows how awesome BioShock is. This time around I’m more focused on why this remastered collection is even necessary, considering that I absolutely already own the games from each of their original releases.

Backwards Compatibility is an Issue

Like many people that are very much into gaming, I ran my Xbox 360 right into the ground and have since upgraded to the Xbox One. Microsoft has been telling us for a very long time that they are going to add the BioShock series to the backwards compatibility list, but we are still waiting. If I want to play my original versions, I can certainly pry my Xbox 360 disc tray open with a paperclip, but really I’d rather not. Now that there’s a version for the new consoles, you might as well upgrade, right?

HD Remaster Looks Incredible

Compared to the original BioShock released in 2007, the HD versions look stunning. It’s a surprisingly different experience. more so than I had expected. When I first started playing I even got a little bit dizzy because the frame rate was so high. I ain’t even mad tho. Rapture and Columbia have never looked better.

New Director Commentary Content

Throughout the BioShock Collection you’ll now be able to find golden reels, which allow you to view director commentary! Pretty cool.

All DLC and Season Pass Bonuses

I knew ahead of time that I would have all the one-player DLC, which is a prize in itself. What I didn’t realize before playing the Collection is that you also get all the bonuses associated with purchasing a season pass! I was very excited to walk into the Blue Ribbon restaurant on BioShock Infinite only to be bombarded with season pass notifications telling me I get 7 pieces of Gear and 8 Infusions and golden guns and a crap ton of Silver Eagles and whatever else came with it. And the Gear is actually really good, too. Or at least mine was, I don’t know if the bonus Gear is completely random like it is throughout the game.

And last but not least… Elizabeth is a Real Dime Piece, Especially in HD

Need I say more here? She’s a babe. End of story.


What do you think? Did you pick up a copy of the BioShock Collection? What’s your favorite part about the remaster? Let us know in the comments below!

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