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ICYMI: Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

by on November 2, 2016

This morning we received an absolutely delightful Nintendo Direct presentation about the Animal Crossing New Leaf update! Nintendo first teased this update a couple months ago at their last Direct, and now we have all the details!

The biggest question I had going in (and l’m sure I’m not the only one) was answered almost immediately! The FREE Animal Crossing New Leaf update is available now in the Nintendo e-Shop. This update is great for those who already have the game. For those who do not, this holiday season you can get a copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo, which is essentially just New Leaf with the update already on the game.

This update has a lot of big news. Some of the biggest is the new amiibo functionality. With Animal Crossing amiibo cards or figures, you can bring new villagers into the game! Here’s what that entails:

Wisp is back!! If you find the magic lamp, you can use it to summon Wisp. Once per day, you can scan amiibo cards or figures and Wisp will embody various villagers. These villagers will then visit Harvey’s Campground, and can potentially move into your town! All you have to do is ask them in their RV. There will be 50 new Villager amiibo cards coming out December 2nd.

Speaking of Harvey’s Campground… this is another huge feature. Harvey is the cutest little hippie dog who has exclusive items you can buy in his campground. This is also where different RVs will park, when villagers come to visit! You can go inside the RVs and even purchase the items found inside. You won’t use any of your Bells, however… you’ll use MEOW coupons (Mutual Exchange of Wealth)! You can get MEOW coupons by completing Town Initiatives. After completion you can collect your coupons at the CAT (Coupon Allocating Terminal) machine. Adorable, right??

This is all great, but my personal favorite news about amiibos is that there is now Splatoon and Legend of Zelda crossover through amiibo. Scanning your Splatoon or Zelda amiibos will give you Splatoon- or Zelda-themed villagers!! Callie and Marie amiibos will give you villagers named Cece and Viche. The fish puns aren’t ending at Splatoon apparently! A squid or Inkling amiibo will give you Inkwell the Octopus, who is super adorable. Zelda amiibos will give you W. Link, Medli, Ganon, and even Epona villagers. You can also get Link’s outfit from Breath of the Wild, and household items from each game.

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That does it for amiibo news, but there is still more to this update that doesn’t involve amiibo:

You can now buy a WiiU console in-game, which gives you access to two mini-games! You can play Desert Island Escape and Animal Crossing Puzzle League, which look like tons of fun!

If you have ever had issues with storage in your home (and you don’t want to line the walls with lockers) you’re going to love this next update: Each house will now have a “secret storeroom” with tons of storage! It doesn’t add an extra room to your house. It’s basically an invisible closet with lots and lots of space! It can be accessed with the touch screen when you’re inside your house.

Speaking of your house, those who have played Happy Home Designer will like this new update: You can now organize the furniture in your house with the touch screen! Gone are the days of packing half your house into your pocket just to get your dresser to sit the right way. You can switch things around with ease, I can’t wait! And anybody with save data from Happy Home designer can even import that save data and order giant furniture for their house in New Leaf.

There’s some new camera functionality that could be pretty fun. You can pose with Animal Crossing characters, similar to what you can do with the AR Cards. The pictures in the Direct video are super hilarious, I definitely want to try this out for myself!

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Players hat are members of Club Tortimer got a simple yet wonderful update: You can now mute other online players! Awesome!

The last big change is one I never would have thought of. Players now have the option to “start over” on their town. If this option is selected (on the opening screen when Isabelle is getting your town ready), Tom Nook will make an offer on your town and buy you out of it. From what I can tell, this will basically wipe the slate clean, but you’ll have TONS of Bells to have an easier time rebuilding it. The price he offers will vary based on your town’s prestige. I’m not sure yet if I will be taking that offer anytime soon, but it’s definitely interesting!

Well, there you have it! I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to download the update for myself! I’m very pleased with the huge update to New Leaf. Watch the Nintendo Direct for yourself below (it’s super adorable), and let us know what you think in the comments!

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