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Hyrule Warriors: A Double-Edged Master Sword

by on May 13, 2016

Zelda fans, get excited.

By Allie W, Editor/Collaborator – May 13, 2016


Hyrule Warriors has us exploring Hyrule like never before, in glorious HD. And I really do mean glorious – this game is beautiful. It runs well too, considering the sheer number of enemies up against you all at once. The gameplay is pretty easy to get a grasp on, and it is very fun. The controls are reminiscent of Super Smash Bros – any ole button masher could come along and do pretty well for themselves, and an experienced player will be able to use plenty of combos to hone their fighting skills. This makes for a game that anybody can get into. From beginners to self-proclaimed gamers, everyone playing this game can get a rush from knocking out tens, if not hundreds, of enemies all at once with powerful force.

One of the biggest differences from a typical Zelda game is upgrading, leveling up, and weapon customization. Throughout each stage the player collects materials and experience points, all of which can be used to upgrade existing weapons, level up each character, and create and customize weapons and abilities. Although I love that Master Sword, it was really fun to fight off hundreds of enemies with a magic fire rod.

A welcome new feature is that Link is not the only character we get to control. There are lots of characters to choose from, including both heroes and villains. Among them are Impa, Darunia, Zelda, Midna, Ganondorf, and Ghirahim. I was very excited to get the option to play as Ghirahim; he is a relentlessly hilarious villain who doesn’t get enough of the spotlight, in my opinion. But I digress. Every character has different combos and fighting styles, and some are going to be better than others depending on the battle scenario. The game does a great job at giving you a reason to play as different characters, so hopefully by the time you reach the end of the game you’ll have played them all.

As much as I really enjoyed this game, it took me a long time to finish it. This isn’t because there was just so much game to play. It does have a lot of game time, but the reason it took me so long to finish is because the story wasn’t so driving that I had to keep coming back and use every spare moment of my life to see what happens next. There is an overarching story in the Adventure mode, and it is decent; but I wouldn’t say it’s up to what I expect from a Zelda game. Although considering the whole point is that it isn’t your typical Zelda setup, I can’t be that mad.

Another area of disappointment was with the multiplayer mode. I was excited to play with friends and siblings, but the game is noticeably slower once you add another player. Instead of a standard split-screen for multiplayer mode, it has one player looking at the gamepad and one player using a Wii remote and nunchuk on the tv screen. I personally don’t like to play only on the gamepad, so this was a bit of a letdown. Each player’s view is visibly lagged, likely due to the amount of enemies swarming at each player at any time. This type of gameplay would likely work if the console were more powerful; it is very clear that multiplayer mode is really pushing the capabilities of the WiiU.

Although Hyrule Warriors is not your typical Legend of Zelda adventure, it will still give any LoZ fan their fill while they’re waiting for the next game to be released. It’s a fun sidestep from the classic Zelda structure of puzzle after puzzle. Don’t expect a driving story though, and don’t be too excited about the multiplayer. There are definitely some ups and downs to this game. But if you do get your hands on it, it should be well worth your time and money.


What do you think? Did you like Hyrule Warriors? Hated it? Did you bother with the DLC? Let us know in the comments!

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