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Review – Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions

by on June 23, 2016

After my first day at E3, I wanted to head to L.A Live to check out the E3 Live event.  Admittedly, I was exhausted and hungry, so the thought of E3 Live didn’t really appeal to me.  As I walked towards L.A. Live, a man was standing outside handing out cards to the Pokemon Symphony, which was playing at the Microsoft theater.  I had checked prices a few weeks early and it was really expensive.  Then I saw the offer on the card – $15 tickets!  I immediately headed to the box office to see the $15 seats and check out how high in the nose bleeds they were.  I was shocked when the tickets were near the front row (3 rows back from the front).  I couldn’t pass up this deal…. and the opportunity to sit for a few hours in a nice theater 🙂

The Pokemon Symphony was performed by the Microsoft Theater Orchestra and lead by Susie Benchasil Seiter.  She was very enthusiastic and did a great job of getting the crowd involved and excited for the concert.  Susie let the orchestra through a series of songs from the entire Pokemon handheld game franchise, starting with Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow all the way through Pokemon X & Y.  The arraignments were well done and the orchestra played beautifully.

There were a couple surprises at the end of the concert.  First, the crowd was invited to sing the entire Pokemon theme song!  I found out for the first time that there are actually 2 verses in the song.  I think a lot of people didn’t know that because the audience participation for the second verse was quieter than the first.  After the sing – along, a special guest came out to conduct one final song.  Junichi Matsuda, the composer and programmer of many Pokemon titles, came out to speak to the audience and conduct one of his songs from X&Y.  It was pretty awesome sitting in an auditorium full of fans and listening to Matsuda talk about the music of Pokemon.  Of course, he couldn’t conduct without wearing a Pikachu tail 🙂

I had a wonderful time at the concert and recommend it to anyone who has ever played the Pokemon series.  I hope this video game concert trend continues in the future.  With the Zelda, Pokemon, and Kingdom Hearts Symphonies already in existence, I can only hope that more concerts will be available for fans.  Check out the Pokemon Symphony website HERE to see if the Symphony is coming to your city!

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