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My First E3 Conference – Microsoft

by on June 14, 2016

Spoiler Alert – This article has my thoughts on my very first E3 conference.  I won’t lie to you – I like Xbox a lot.  It is my console of choice.  I won’t talk about anyone ‘winning’ a conference.  The point of this is to talk about my experience and reflect on the things that were discussed.  Of course, you are free to talk about who one in the comments below or social media.  I will focus on being a huge conference for the first time in my gaming life.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the the Microsoft Conference in the Galen Center in LA.  I could barely contain my excitement.  I have seen countless E3 presentations, but I finally got the chance to go to one.  Big shout out to the Xbox Support team on Twitter for giving me the contact information to make this happen.

As I arrived, I saw a very nice Lamborghini near the entrance.  There were countless staff around scanning tickets and getting people quickly in line.  It definitely felt like everyone knew what they were doing.  It is weird being in a line with media.  On two occasions, camera crews tried getting everyone hyped up and cheering for the camera.  Barely anyone cheered.  Sure, it was 8:00 in the morning, but the excitement wasn’t there.  I admit that I was worried by the lack of excitement.

Everyone got in pretty quickly and was handed a card with a section on it.  The section I was assigned to filled before I could find a seat, so I went to the top deck and found a seat right in front.  The atmosphere was incredible.  The entire arena was lit up green.  The screens were crystal clear and stages were all ready to go.  Down on the floor were the winners at the Xbox FanFest.  Fans sat on the floor and cheered wildly.  I don’t know how it sounded on the live stream, but they were loud in the arena.

The conference began on a bad note.  Phil Spencer came out to do a moment of silence for the tragedy in Orlando.  Some clown apparently didn’t get the social cues from others and kept yelling out during the moment of silence.  I sincerely hope you couldn’t hear him on the stream.  It was an unfortunate beginning to the conference.

After that, the conference officially began.  The first big announcement was the Xbox One S.  It is 40% smaller, although it looks way smaller than 40%.  The upgraded hard drive and smaller box is nice.  $300 bucks and will be available in August.

After that, we were treated to a lot of games.  I already did a live blog during the conference, which you can read here if you want to hear everything that was announce.  I’m going to focus on a few surprises and duds in this article.

Gears of War 4 looks fantastic.  It was a big surprise to see Marcus Fenix show up at the end (in case you didn’t know, the game stars his son).  The new enemies look cool and the weather is a fun aspect to deal with.  Forza Horizon looks gorgeous.  The Dead Rising 4 trailer was hysterical and will surely be a lot of fun.  Re-Core looks fantastic and I want it NOW.  A big surprise for me was We Happy Few.  Man, did that gameplay footage creep me out!!!!!  I got some Bioshock feels when I watched it.  If this game is as good as Bioshock, then I will be happy.  Finally, I really want to play Sea of Thieves.  It looks so fun!!!

There were a few dud moments for me.  Man, the Minecraft scripted segment was a big dud.  Do adults care about Minecraft anymore?  The energy was sucked out of the arena during that segment.  I am excited for Final Fantasy XV and Scalebound.  But now that I am thinking about it, the footage they showed looked way too similar.  I’m not sure how smart that was to have them show similar big boss battles.

Finally, the HUGE announcement from Xbox – Project Scorpio.  I knew the rumors were out there, but didn’t think they would talk about it.  The specs sound insane for a console.  We are talking Teraflops in a console!!!  It won’t come out until Holiday 2017, so I’m sure we will see more at next year’s E3 conference.  They promise to not leave any of the 3 consoles behind, which was nice to hear.  We will have to wait and see if it is true.  That being said, HOW MUCH WILL SCORPIO BE?????  I’m sure there will be big complaints about it when they announce the price point.

Man, what a conference.  Besides the duds, I loved being there and seeing everything.  Having them talk about cross play and the Play Anywhere initiative was great.  There are some exciting things in Microsoft’s future.  I can’t thank Microsoft enough for the chance to go.

Today, I will be going on the actual show floor for the first time in my life.  Keep it locked on GameOctane to read more impressions and see pics from E3!!!

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