GameOctane’s 2017 ‘Best of E3’ Awards!

by on June 24, 2017
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Here it is…the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Our ‘Best of E3’ Awards!! If you’d like to take a look at our nominees feel free to check out our ‘Best of E3 Nominee’ article here. Not to interrupt the flow I will embed the live discussion we had about our E3 awards below. Also before we start I’d like to thank Bluenile101 and Derptaku from Paradigm Gaming for helping us out during this E3 rush. Please give them a follow on Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter.


Best Announcement: Metroid Prime 4

Honorable mentions: Metroid samus returns, Anthem, Monster Hunter


Fans have been asking for a new Metroid for a long time (I know I have).The last main entry of the series, starring Galactic Bounty Hunter Samus Aran, was Metroid: Other M. That game was released in August 2010.

Enter E3 2017

Nintendo unveiled Metroid Prime 4 during their E3 presentation with a brief trailer announcing its development for the Nintendo Switch! This was unexpected, completely surprising, and extremely exciting!

Typically, Nintendo likes to share news about games when it’s far in its development. Speaking to IGN about the early announcement, President of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aime stated “It’s a franchise that we know people have been very eager to get some news.” Nintendo apparently wanted to share the news of Metroid Prime 4’s development as a way to let the fans know that they hear us and they are working on it.

After years of hopes and dreams, this is hands down the best game announcement of E3 2017!

– Bluenile101

Best Conference: Nintendo

Honorable mentions: Devolver Digital, Microsoft, and Sony.

Nintendo’s E3 conference this year was totally awesome, which is why we voted it our best conference of E3! They announced some really exciting games for both the Nintendo Switch and for the 3DS, including some series revivals that have everybody excited. Some of the biggest news from Nintendo’s conference is probably some new installments in the Metroid series. Metroid: Samus Returns will be coming to 3DS, and Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Switch. There will also be accompanying amiibos (which look awesome, by the way), available for pre-order now! Among other news is a new Kirby game for the Switch, more details on the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass, and some more Breath of the Wild amiibos. These amiibos are figures of the four Champions: Daruk, Mipha, Revali, and Urbosa. Additionally, Rocket League and a new Yoshi game are in development for Switch, and of course the keystone of Nintendo’s presentations was Super Mario Odyssey, coming this October. There was a lot of gameplay shown for Odyssey, and it looks like tons of fun! It was really exciting seeing some new and returning elements of gameplay compared to older Mario games.

Congratulations on your awesome E3 conference, Nintendo! You’ve gotten all of us here at Game Octane really excited for the coming year of video games.

– Kal_Ellie

Most Anticipated: God of War

Honorable Mentions: Beyond Good & Evil 2, Detroit, Mario Odyssey, Sea of Thieves

Last E3 Santa Monica Studio dropped a major bomb, God of War. No one was really expecting it…and no one expected to Kratos old, or have a kid. In the small clip of last year we saw some epic story moments, emotional moments between Kratos and kid, and some awesome fight scenes. They took the same formula and expanded on it this year. It showed off major details in the game, from the etching on his axe to the enviroments. It showed interaction with his kid inside and outside of combat. Co-op combat? When does Kratos decide to let his kid assist him in fighting what’s the story? WHY DOES THE WORLD SERPENT WANT TO HELP?? So many damn questions, but with so many amazing things to look forward to, it looks like Sony has a major hit on their hands. With all of these unknowns + badassery of Kratos makes this GameOctane’s Most Anticipated Game of E3 2017.

– Jason Germino

Most Memorable: Last Day of June

Honorable Mentions: Jesse Wellens fail, Monster Hunter, Spiderman, Super Mario Odyssey

There were a lot of memorable games at E3, but Last Day of June stuck out to me the most.  The main reason?  It connected with me not only as a gamer, but as a husband and father.  Last Day of June focuses on emotional story-telling through beautiful images and haunting music.  We may not get groundbreaking gameplay.  But we will get a story that will resonate with us for a long time.  It’s a story of love, loss, and hopefully redemption as Carl attempts to bring June back.  It appeals to you because it asks an age old question – what would you do to save the one you love?  The demo at E3 was incredible and left me wanting more.  I can’t wait to join Carl on his emotional journey to save his June.  Congrats to Ovosonico and 505games for making an incredibly memorable experience at E3 2017.

– Ryan Welch

Most Underrated: (All tied) Genesis Alpha One, Moss, Battlefront 2, Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Dragon Ball Fighters Z

I hope this doesn’t upset anyone, but it was incredibly tough to have a single winner in this category.  There were so many games that made a positive impact during E3, and these games deserve to have all the kudos in the world.  I’m really happy that there was a tie because all of these games should NOT be overlooked.  Genesis Alpha One takes simulations to a whole new level with the customization, cloning, and first person shooting.  Moss blew me away with an amazing and feisty protagonist, Quill, and with immersive VR elements.  Battlefront 2 added features that gamers asked for.  Kingdom Battle is putting our favorite players in a type of game that they have never been before.  Dragon Ball Fighters Z not only surprised fans of the series, but fans who are looking for an awesome fighting experience.  Again, I hope we are not offending anyone by not having a clear winner.  But I am really happy that we can recognize these games for having an amazing show this year.

– Ryan Welch

Best Co-op/ Multiplayer: Sea of Thieves

Honorable mentions: Strange Brigade

Modern gaming has become a very social experience. It feels like every game to come out is required to have a multiplayer element regardless if it fits the theme or gameplay style. And since the dawn and success of the MMO many have tried using different themes, skins, gameplay styles and objectives to become the next big thing. Within that realm of MMO’s the thing I love most is good cooperative gameplay. The goal of trying to accomplish something within a group that you couldn’t do on your own is one of my favorite parts to multiplayer gaming. All of this said, the winner of the Best Co-Op/Multiplayer must, in my mind, fulfill this goal while providing a great way to share the adventure and experience. There were many good games and presentations showings of all these elements, but one stood above the others in being able to provide this type of experience.  The game selected for this award has demonstrated great examples of the setting, the gameplay, the graphics, and the endless possibilities for cooperative adventures. The team at GameOctane is certainly looking forward to making this game a part of our frequently played library as it is aimed to bring a team experience like no other.  Congratulations to Sea of Thieves for winning Best Multiplayer/Co-Op at E3 2017!

– Curt Callaway

Biggest Surprise: (2 way tie) Metroid: Samus Returns, Shadow of Colossus

Honorable mentions: Metroid Prime 4, Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Hunt: Showdown


There were a few surprises that came out this year. But two made it as our Biggest Surprise of E3 and come to have it…they are both remakes. Hot on the heels of the Metroid Prime 4 tease Nintendo shows off Metroid: Samus Returns.  A reimagining of the Metroid II: The Return of Samus. The gameplay looks amazing and something worthy to dust off everyone’s 3DS’s. Samus is also getting some upgrades, such as a new melee counter attack, aiming in multiple angles, and Aeion abilities which is limited by an energy gauge. It was an amazing surprise after getting Metroid Prime 4 sneak.

Sony announced our other surprise. A remake of the amazing Shadow of the Colossus! Sony is claiming the game content will be the same, but all of the assets are being redone. This already epic game may not need a remake but an HD upgrade would be epic. This new remake if they keep everything similar to the original will be an amazing treat for newer generations of gamers.

Both of these titles were an epic surprise and definitely something something to look forward to!

– Jason Germino

Best RPG: (2 way tie) Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, South Park Fractured But Whole

Honorable Mentions: Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions

Our Best RPG was split into two winners. One being an old favorite from last year’s E3, and the other an unexpected new comer. The old favorite, South Park: The Fractured But Whole had an amazing new trailer as well as gameplay footage this year and damn does it look amazing. Not only are we getting the great South Park humor and a hilarious new story, but we are getting a fairly in depth RPG with major character creation, skills, and leveling up. The newcomer Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle looks surprising great. I hate to use this to describe it because a lot of people are..it’s basically XCOM Mario. You wander around adventure like to gather coins and items and traverse through levels it looks like a regular Mario game with Rabbids following you around. Then you reach some enemies. It turns into a tactical RPG. Not only is it turn based and your movement is limited like other tactical RPG’s, but they also added cover, and that cover can get destroyed. Weapons have full stats and will need some managing. Oh, forgot to mention it comes out in two months. Both of these RPG’s are well deserving of Best RPG of E3 2017!

– Jason Germino

Best Platformer: Cuphead

Honorable Mentions: Yoku Island Express, Sonic Mania, Assassin’s Creed Origins

Cuphead has been on Xbox fans radar for nearly 4 years now. We finally got a release date for this year. If you haven’t heard about Cuphead, it’s a strict platformer with art design that lets you take control of the protagonist from a 1930’s era color cartoon. For the last 3 E3’s we’ve seen snippets of gameplay and video but this year Cuphead will be ours!  The game reminds me of a mix between Mario, Contra, and Disney’s Silly Symphony and so far it looks like a great combination to me. The entire GameOctane crew is excited to get their hands on this old skool retro side scrolling platformer. Congratulations to Cuphead for winning Best Platformer!

– Curt Callaway

Best Shooter: Strange Brigade

Honorable Mentions: Call of Duty WWII, Far Cry 5, Metro Exodus, Star Wars Battlefront II

I’m very happy that Strange Brigade won.  It’s a great concept for a co-op shooter.  The adventure theme set in the outer regions of the British Empire in the 1930’s works really well.  The enemies are varied and challenging.  But the best part is the gameplay.  The shooting mechanics, traps, and amulet powers work really well!  I can see myself playing many hours with my friends…and, of course, impersonating the awesome old school announcer voice.  Adventure!  Intrigue!  Mystery!  And awesome shooting mechanics!  Congratulations to Strange Brigade for winning Best Shooter.  It is a well deserved award.

– Ryan Welch

Biggest Matt (Let) Down: (No clear winner) Destiny 2, All of E3, No Virtual Console news, No news from We Happy Few, Bethesda press conference, Sony’s conference

As the dust settles from E3 and we wake from hype induced fever dreams, a sad realization starts to dawn. When the hell do most of these games come out? Where was the Virtual console information from Nintendo? E3 this year was not as jam packed with new and exciting info this year.

Microsoft flaunted a console that they have been hyping for the past year. With all its power it’s still just the same type of hardware, it’ll play xbox games. It’s not next gen, yes it’ll make your games look pretty but don’t they already? Microsoft showed games, but most of them not that “new”. Slapping a release dates on Cuphead is awesome, but is Cuphead what we really wanted out of E3 from Microsoft? The indie titles look great and get me excited, but E3 is about making waves which none of Xbox’s exclusives did.

“How about Playstation? You love Monster Hunter, Matthew!” Why yes I do dear reader. But Sony’s conference was all down hill from the surprise announcements of Monster Hunter, which isn’t even exclusive to the console, and Shadow of the Colossus. Those were high points of the conference and my hype was through the roof. But then showing games they’ve talked about for…some of them two years now, is just boring. Days Gone looked great and I rushed to preorder it on Amazon, but then I noticed they didn’t have a release date. I was sure I saw one after the presentation, but I guess I was wrong. 2018 was plastered on Sony’s stage more than anything else. This holiday is going to be weak for games.

Finally Nintendo, who actually in my opinion won E3 by just not messing anything up. I have few issues with Nintendo’s conference, the main one is the lack (if you can even call it that) of any information at all about Virtual Console. I need my VC games on my Switch, and I need them now. It seems like such a no brainer, announce this at E3 with a good catalog of VC titles and you win the rest of this year. But maybe with Mario and their first party titles they feel like they don’t need it. Regardless, what also got sighing was the length of their conference. Twenty five minutes of good info, but they could of had so much more. I don’t care about Metroid but I know those games have a huge following, why was that new Metroid 2d game for the 3ds announced with a YouTube trailer after the conference? That would have been perfect following the Metroid Prime 4 reveal.

E3 was fine this year, but I think we need to keep a level head and not get carried away. Hype is a great but dangerous thing some times and I think we all get a little to whipped into a frenzy after big events. Take a deep breath and think about the great games you might actually be playing in the upcoming months instead of years.

– Matt Steigely

Best VR: Moss

Honorable Mentions: Fallout 4 VR

QUILL DESERVES ALL THE AWARDS!!  Seriously, what a fantastic protagonist.  She’s adventurous, tough as nails, and quite the personality.  But it takes more than a great protagonist to make a great VR experience.  Luckily, Polyarc stepped up to the plate and knocked this out of the park.  Moss has a wonderful blend of platforming and puzzle solving.  The fantasy setting works really well and is gorgeous.  Moss showcases how a team dynamic featuring you and Quill can conquer anything you set out to do.  I mentioned to the team during E3 that we normally give our VR reviews to Noel.  But not this time.  I want to dive into the world of Moss again and again.  Fingers crossed that Moss will be successful and we will see more adventures with Quill.  Congratulations, Polyarc!

– Ryan Welch


Best of E3: Sea of Thieves

Honorable mentions: Spiderman, Moss, Detroit: Become Human, Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Last Day of June, Far Cry 5

From port to starboard and bow to stern Sea of Thieves is a fantastic experience that I can see myself pouring hours and hours into. I’m looking forward to everything Rare has in store for all of us as we live out our true pirate fantasies. Even if all the fantasy includes is drinking barrels upon barrels of grog and puking everywhere while you stumble around, because someone has to be the pirate who drinks and hangs out with the pigs under a bridge….. All of this is beyond the mind blowing graphics and art design, the huge open world, the amazing cooperative gameplay experience, and the just pure joy this title has brought and will bring to us upon full release. This is why Sea of Thieves is GameOctane.com’s Best of E3 2017 winner!  For information about our experience with this title read our E3 2017 Impressions: Sea of Thieves article

Congrats to all the other awesome games that were nominated. This was a good year for gamers, because the showing from developers was so strong. A huge thank you to all of them for their hard work!

– Curt Callaway

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