GameOctane’s 2016 E3 Awards!

by on June 20, 2016
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This is it, we’ve made it. One of the greatest gaming events ever, E3, is now over and damn was it an event. So many new games to drool over, dream about, and beg for. We here at GameOctane had to talk about some of our favorites and wanted to share them with everyone. So without wasting any more time…We present to you, the first ever 2016 E3 awards!!
*Some games tied for their respectable categories, that is why some categories have two games listed.*

Best Announcement:

Crash Bandicoot (Ryan Welch)

Crash Bandicoot E3

There are many franchises from our youth that we wish would come on our current gen systems. We know that the task of bringing HD remakes isn’t easy. That’s why the Crash Bandicoot announcement has won our Best E3 Announcement award. Crash is a fan favorite (as you could tell by the crowd reaction at the Sony Conference) and the announcement was a big surprise. The way they announced was awesome. Having Crash’s shadow walking on stage was a treat. Even though they only showed footage of his inclusion in the Skylanders franchise, we got an idea of what HD Crash will look like, and we can’t wait for more. We can only hope that the remasters will sell well for Sony so we can get a brand new PS4 Crash in our future.


God of War (Lindsey Evans)

God of War E3 Award

Oh E3, over already but your announcements and excitement still lingers. I believe the Sony Conference blew it out of the water, but where do I start… how about from the beginning. While the orchestra underneath the stage played a beautiful piece that made me want to run through the woods and swing swords, a trailer began. A little boy playing with his toys appeared on the screen with an adult male talking in the background. I did not recognize the voice but something inside me told me this was going to be big. As soon as Kratos appeared, the crowd went wild. I have never played a God of War game before, (Bad Lindsey) but anyone who knows anything, knows who Kratos is, I mean the guy is a God. Without any knowledge of cannon this game looked amazing. Not only the graphics and physics, but also the environment was breathtaking. I wanted to walk with Kratos and hunt the deer (poor deer!!!). On top of all the action and brutality, there is a strong human element. We see Kratos protecting the boy as well as teaching him. This really calls back to all of our childhood interactions with our fathers. Although we cannot tell who the boy is in the trailer we can already see the connection between the characters. This segment of the game was brilliant to showcase. It tells us right away what we can expect from this game; it will most likely have a beautiful story attached to a game that caters to the original fans. Although I have never played a game from this franchise, Kratos has gotten another follower and I will be playing this game.


Most Anticipated:

Sea of Thieves (Noel Doyle)

Sea of Thieves MA

Sea Of Thieves has received one of our E3 2016 most anticipated games. The current website has its own built in community where developers are really proving to us that they want to make this for the gamers in mind. They are open to suggestions for new features to be introduced as well as letting fans come on in and discuss the game and get responses from the developers on any lingering questions they may have, now that E3 has come to an end. They have also built a great Q&A section regarding most of the popular questions that were asked of them during the conference. Sea of Thieves is going to take pirating, pillaging and booty collecting to a whole new level.

From a current crew limit of 5 members each as it was demoed this year, extremely solid graphics, and what appears to be endless adventures of high seas, beaches, and Local Island bars with your favorite choice of grog, Sea of Thieves is surely going to bring amazing pirate adventures straight to your living room on XBOX and Windows 10 PC’s. For that, we have unanimously given Sea Of Thieves our GameOctane E3 2016 Most Anticipated game. Remember to check out the sites below for the community and Q&A page. If you have any other questions, remember to jump on Twitter and follow @AskCaptainBones, one of the Developers on Sea Of Thieves.

Official Sea Of Thieves Community:
Sea Of Thieves E3 Q&A Page:


God of War (Curt Callaway)

God of War MA

Sony’s E3 press conference is always an anticipated event that is full of questions. Without a word even being spoken. An orchestra kicks off and a men’s chorus of basses starts to chant, evoking feelings of darkness and danger. The curtains rise on a young boy being called into his hut by an unknown man with a deep voice who explains he’s about to be tested. When the man stepped out from the shadows everyone in the hall immediately recognized Kratos from God of War! He was significantly older and was sporting a big bushy beard. After Kratos stepped out of the shadows see that he is now in a winter mountain  location armed with a battle axe and not his iconic chaos blades. The reveal of Kratos and his new adventure continued with about 10 minutes of gameplay showing us at least some part of this young boy’s test. During which we witnessed Kratos destroy 3 enemies one with his bare hands, take on a giant horned creature, and spot a flying dragon. All the staff here including those of us who don’t have Playstation are extremely curious about the timing,setting, and background for this installment. It seems as though Kratos has a new family and a son he’s raising to become a man. Headed out on a new adventure to destroying his enemies without his iconic chaos blades. With so many major questions left unanswered involving a staple Playstation character this title quickly jumped to the top of our most anticipated upcoming games announced at this year’s E3!

Even those of us without Playstation are excited to see what’s to come in this God of War and are considering picking up systems to play this one through.


Editor’s Choice:

South Park: The Fractured but Whole (Jason Germino)

South Park EC

The Editor’s Choice award was created by the GameOctane team on a game that I, Jason Germino liked at E3. Which was extremely difficult, there were so many amazing games and stories I couldn’t figure on how I wanted to chose a favorite. I decided on South Park: The Fractured but Whole from Ubisoft. I loved The Stick of Truth and I feel this game may have been a little overshadowed from all of the other AAA announcements there at E3. South Park: The Fractured but Whole looks to take off right where the fan favorite ‘Stick of Truth’ left off as you the ‘new kid’ as the *spoiler* the King from Stick of Truth. The kids decide to stop playing their fantasy game and starts playing superheroes. The trailer starts off showing Cartman’s hero ego ‘The Coon’ explaining why they chose to become superheroes…For one reason, to make a billion dollars on a super hero franchise. It doesn’t take long before they start arguing about the phases and a ‘Civil War’ starts between Coon and Friends. It looks to take what made Stick of Truth great and improve on that formula. I truly smiled throughout the whole trailer and cannot wait to play what Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Ubisoft come up with.


Most Obscure:

Genital Jousting (Troy Dent)

Genital Joustin

This category didn’t even exist until I sent some pics of this game to the office, and even then it wasn’t an official game AT E3 per se. But as I was waiting for the metro to clear up I decided to hit the Digital Revolver after party where in I noticed a game using adult novelty items (dildos) as joystick controllers. Curious, my crew and I investigated and discovered Genital Jousters, a game where in you control a set of male genitalia and sphincter, you control said genitalia by snaking your way around the level until you can get the head into another player’s sphincter. There may have been some alcohol was involved.

http://www.genitaljousting.com/ *You’ve been warned*

Satoru Iwata Award:

Sea of Thieves (Drew Davis)

Sea of Thieves Satoru Iwata

Gentlemen, My lady.. You will always remember this as the day, you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.
We will be chanting this, nightly while waiting in anticipation for Sea of Thieves. Sea of Thieves, if only for the promising multiplayer aspect, has captured our hearts here at GameOctane.com. The skallywags at Rare have given a glimmer of hope into a gaming society so rampant with trolls, scumbags, and assholes. This game REQUIRES you to be grouped, it REQUIRES you to work as a team, it REQUIRES you to have more fun than imaginable. Due to the his work in the gaming world and the ability to create games that withstand the test of time, Our Satoru Iwata award winner from the 2016 E3 Conference is Sea of Thieves, simply due to the game’s ability to grab the attention from a group of people, who in so many ways, have differing opinions on games and unite us as one. We can only hope the excitement we have for this game translates to the gameplay we are all yearning for.

Official Sea Of Thieves Community:
Sea Of Thieves E3 Q&A Page:

Best of E3 (Other):

Super Soul Bros (Jason Germino)

Super Soul Bros E3

E3 is a place where everyone is running around, then standing in a line sometimes for hours at a time just to play a 10 minute demo of a game you wouldn’t be able to play again a year from now. Luckily you could take a quick break and be smothered with the smooth sounds of Super Soul Bros. Based in the bay area the Super Soul Bros play your favorite video game music with a soulful funky beat. They had their own booth and rocked the hell out of it. I was lucky enough to meet up with them at Silicon Valley Comic Con and they had an amazing show. At E3 Ryan and Troy went, never seeing them before and they were thoroughly impressed and the change of booth and the energy was more than welcoming. We hope to see them pick up some steam and continue to grow this year. Hopefully some of you were able to pick up their discology on the custom SNES cartridge they sell. It was their great sound, amazing energy, and memorable songs they played that left an impression on Ryan and Troy.

Check out their finale performance from SVCC! Sonic  – Chemical Plant Zone


8Bitdo (Michael Coleman)


E3 brings together console gamers, handheld gamers, and pc gamers alike. However, the expo is a much broader surface that has been making more room for AR/VR and even mobile phone and tablet users. One company making this possible is 8BITDO. Established in 2013, the Hong Kong based company known for their Famicom 30th Anniversary GamePad, manufacturers bluetooth controllers for smart phones and touch devices. While these controllers are highly functional and well received, the true beauty lies in their retro designs. There was a time when you couldn’t strap into a Gear VR while holding a SNES controller but now, those dark days are passed us. As we move into the Jetson era, 8Bitdo has taken the future and encased it in nostalgia. Everything old is new again.


Best Game of E3:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Allie White)

Breath of the Wild E3

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is such a stretch from any other Zelda game, but in a good way. A really good way. We have Link, our classic speechless protagonist, with more personality than ever as we get to see him shiver in the cold mountain air and cheer as he cooks some steak and mushrooms. Breath of the Wild wins our vote for Best of E3 because it is all-encompassing in its awesomeness. It boasts well-loved characters, brand new elements, fun gameplay, and beautiful ambient sound that envelops you in the new, giant world we’ve been given to explore. Long-time fans will love it simply because it is Zelda, and players new to the franchise will likely enjoy the RPG elements that have never been utilized in a Zelda game until now. Nintendo did a great job with this one, and got us all excited for March 2017 when the game is expected to release. Hyrule will never be the same, which is alright with us!


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  • June 21, 2016 at 8:33 am

    Exceptional list. Great insight from everyone. I totally agree with Best Game of E3 and also the Editor’s Choice. However, I do feel that there should be an honorable mention. I was ecstatic and jumping right out of my chair cheering when I saw the Resident Evil 7 reveal. AND the fact that after the Sony conference you could download the demo immediately after. Of all the wonderful things I saw at E3 this year, that game stood out for me. Cheers. 🙂


    • June 21, 2016 at 8:56 am

      We were going to have some honorable mentions but we’d have a list a mile long. Haha! Maybe next year when we aren’t overloaded/overwhelmed with E3 info. I could rattle off a bunch of ones we couldn’t get to; Battlefield 1, ReCore, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Mafia 3. It truly was epic this year


  • June 21, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    I’m so psyched about God of War!!! Hands down my favorite franchise and I can’t wait for this new game! The hype is aliveeee!!!!


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