First Impressions – Worms W.M.D

by on June 21, 2016
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Since 1995, Worms has been a staple in the gaming industry.  The series is known for strategy and humor.  I can always count on Worms for funny multiplayer action with my friends.  The good news is the newest version, Worms W.M.D, continues the humor while adding great elements to the franchised.  I had the opportunity to speak with Sean Labode at E3 this year and demo the game.

W.M.D plays out like a typical Worms game.  You take turns using a variety of weapons to take out the other team.  It is a turn based strategy game.  Not only can you take out worms, but you can also do damage to the environment that may effect the outcome of the game.

There are several aspects to W.M.D that improves on the gameplay.  The biggest add on to the game is crafting.  You can gather materials throughout the game to craft more powerful weapons.  The best part is it doesn’t take away your opportunity to attack.  It takes one turn for your weapon to be ready.  In the demo, Sean suggested that I craft an item, then attack using a regular weapon.  On my next turn, I crafted another weapon, then used the weapon that I made on my previous turn.  As you collect items, it is a good idea to always craft something before you attack and your turn ends.  I absolutely love this new feature.  My favorite craft had to be the farting sheep that poisoned enemy worms.  You can’t go wrong with farting sheep!!!!

Another add on is the use of vehicles.  Yes, that’s right folks.  You will have the chance to use tanks and helicopters in W.M.D.  I had the chance to use the tank in my demo.  It moves over most obstacles and can jump over long distances.  The tank and helicopter have powerful weapons that can do some heavy damage.  Not only do you have access to vehicles, but you also have access to gun turrets that will do damage over a long distance.  Another thing I want to mention is interiors inside buildings.  When you go into a building, you will be able to see the inside and move around.  The buildings will provide added protection from the other team.

These added features are fantastic and will give Worms a much needed upgrade in gameplay.  W.M.D will feature single player as well as online and local multiplayer.  If the demo is to be believed, then Worms. W.M.D will be an awesome addition to the series.  Look for it on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in the future.


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