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First Impressions: Vampyr

by on June 23, 2017

While sitting in my appointment with the developers of Vampyr, I was really impressed by the scale and content in the game.  Vampyr is not a typical vampire game (and, as some of the promotional material said – no sparkles here).  The game revolves around a pressure of a vampire who took an oath as a doctor to heal the sick.  How can you heal the sick as a doctor and take life as a vampire?  Mixed in this this concept is great looking gameplay and an interesting story.

Vampyr takes place in London 1918.  You play Dr. Jonathan Reid, who is a newly turned vampire.  As a doctor, you are supposed to help the city’s citizens who are sick with a bad strain of the flu.  But you also have to deal with your vampire needs.  Throughout the story, you will need to balance your decisions if you want to save the citizens and rid the world of the undead Skal and other monstrosities.

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The most impressive part of the game is the investigation that you can do when choosing a victim to feed on.  In the demo, we met a man who does not want to disappoint his mother.  The man lost a necklace, and you offer to find it.  Come to find out, the man lost the necklace in a room where he STASHES THE DEAD BODIES OF HIS VICTIMS.  Yes, that’s right, he is a murderer who should be stopped.  Now, when you feed on a citizen, you can gain XP.  The XP is based on the purity of the blood.  Yes, you probably should feed on him and save the area of town.  But what if you investigate further and see if anyone else has better blood?  Enter the killer’s mother.

To my dismay, the devs decided to feed on the mother so they can get more XP.  These are the types of decisions you will make all the time in Vampyr.  You obviously need to feed, and the investigation process will let you get insight to each of these citizens and hopefully pick the best person to feed on.  Keep in mind that the city will be affected when someone dies.  If it is a prominent member of the community, then the community will become darker and the citizens there will treat you poorly.  All of your decisions will have an effect on the community.

There are many powerful vampire abilities.  You can go stealth in a mist cloud, transport short distances, and take out enemies with powerful moves.  The XP will let you improve and gain new abilities that come in handy against the monstrosities in London.  Health auto regenerates, which is very helpful in intense battles.

I am really encouraged by what I saw.  It not only features awesome vampire gameplay, but the opportunity to investigate and find the best person to feed on is really cool.  It makes your decisions that much harder to make.  It’s easy to find a bad person to feed on, but that might prevent you from becoming more powerful.  The game arrives in November 2017, and I can’t wait to play when it is released!

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