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First Impressions – Titanfall 2

by on June 14, 2016

Titanfall was an exclusive title for the Xbox One.  It was my first Xbox One game and I had a great time playing it, despite some setbacks in gameplay.  Tonight, I had the opportunity to play the sequel, which will also be available on PS4 in Fall 2016.

The set up was located at the very top of EA Play.  As I walked in, they had a mural set up for you to take a picture.  The wall was lined with the usual No Photography or Video signs.  When I turned the corner, I saw a beautiful room with paintings on the wall and pilot costumes on display.  Side note – EA went all out to decorate this venue, and I really enjoyed it.

As I turned the corner, staff gave me a free shirt (shout out for having big boy sizes!) and told me to turn the corner.  I went inside a tent that had everything set up.  I immediately started a match.  I had the option to pick two Titans and change the loadout of my pilot.

The match ran like a typical Titanfall match.  It was fast paced with double jumps and wall running.  We were tasked with finding and destroying a randomly selected bounty.  I decided to select the grappling hook as a special weapon.  It was a lot of fun to use.  I could get to high ground to hit enemies from afar or grapple right to them for close quarter combat.  I could grapple onto a Titan to rodeo it and take it out.  The Titan still moves incredibly well.  I can strafe, absorb bullets to throw back at an enemy, and punch them in close quarters.

My only complaint is the same as the one I had with the original – the enemy AI is weak.  The troops and spectres are way too easy to take out.  I see why they made it this way – it is an opportunity to rake up points to call in your Titan.  However, I think the players would like a little more challenge.  At least don’t group a bunch together for us to slaughter!  Make them spread out to give us more of a challenge.

Unfortunately, they did not have single player to try out.  I am very excited that they announced a single player campaign.  It was sorely missed in the first game.  I also didn’t get a glimpse of any story in this match.  The planet looks new, so we should be seeing different locales in the upcoming game.

It is still early, so there is still time to make the AI more challenging!  Besides that complaint, I enjoyed my time on the game.  If they can nail the single player campaign and story, then I think this game will be a winner.  I’m looking forward to playing more in the fall!  Thanks again to EA Play for setting this up and letting fans try the game.


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