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First Impressions: Moss

by on June 19, 2017

With the success of Playstation VR, we knew that more VR titles would be announced this year.  I personally thought that they would announce quite a few titles at the Playstation keynote, which they did.  However, the one VR title that stood out in a positive way was Moss.  I was very fortunate to go hands on with Moss while at E3 this year.  I was blown away and left wanting more.

Quill, the star of the game, has a very difficult journey ahead of her.  An ancient magic has awakened and it is up to you and Quill to defeat an evil that is spreading across the land. Moss is an interactive action/adventure game.  You will be doing two things in Moss.  First, you will control Quill.  Part of your job will be to move Quill to different areas and defeat evil creatures with her trusty sword.

However, Quill is not alone.  Yes, you control Quill, but that is only part of the game experience.  You have the ability to solve puzzles and help Quill progress through the game.  This is done using the motion controls on a normal PS4 controller.  When an area is highlighted in blue, you can interact by holding the trigger buttons and moving the controller in the direction you need to move the item.  You can move it up, down, left, right, or any other direction to solve the puzzle.  To help you with this, your controller is represented as a blue orb in the game.  Move the controller to place the orb on a puzzle, then hold the triggers to interact.  I personally did not have any technical hiccups with the controls and it played beautifully.

Now let’s take a moment to talk about Quill.  Quill is the most adorable and feisty protagonist that I have ever seen.   She is feisty, in that she is courageous and tenacious all at the same time.  You control her, but she has a personality of her own.  During my demo, I apparently did not move quick enough during a challenging puzzle.  She looked straight at me with and impatient attitude, then proceeded to jump up and down and point to a key area of interest.  I would have probably had to ask for help if it wasn’t for Quill.

One thing I want to mention is the storytelling.  As the demo starts, you are sitting in a library with several books around you.  Of course, Moss is front and center, and you turn the pages to start the adventure.  Above all else, Moss is a fantasy adventure that I would probably read to my children if it was in book form.  In fact, this game is perfect for small children, which means a lot to me (I’m a father of 4).  When I noticed the books, I asked if the other books may represent more adventures for Quill.  The team at Polyarc would love to make more adventures, depending on how well Moss does in the market.

The demo was about 10 minutes in length, but it gave me a taste of what to expect when Moss is released.  This was actually the first time I every tried Playstation VR, and Moss was a fantastic introduction to VR.  The graphics look amazing, Quill is incredible, and the puzzles are challenging.  Overall, I can’t recommend Moss enough!  I want to see more adventures with Quill, so please give Moss a chance when it is released Holiday 2017!  I really want to see this become a success.

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