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First Impressions – Mafia III

by on June 16, 2016

This October, 2K will be releasing Mafia III, the highly anticipated game in the popular Mafia series.  This game is very intriguing because it makes some major changes.  We say farewell to the Italian Mob of New York and meet a new protagonist in New Bordeaux (similar to New Orleans).  I had the opportunity to see roughly 20 minutes of gameplay at E3.

When I walked into South Hall, I was blown away by the booth design.  2K went above and beyond to create a miniature part of New Orleans.  A jazz band played in the booth.  They had fortune tellers read the cards for you.  A huge screen played both trailers on repeat.  At the end of the day, they threw beads to the crowd.  It was quite the experience.

When we got inside the theater, Hayden Blackman, Head of Hanger 13, presented gameplay from Mafia III.  The footage took place towards the middle of the game.  Based on the trailer, our “hero,” Lincoln, was betrayed and shot in the head by the Italian Mob.  Somehow, he survived and is out for revenge.

They showed a lot of content from the game.  We got a view of 5 distinct areas of the game.  We saw glimpses of all the bad things going on in the city – drugs, prostitution, arms sales, and racial prejudice.  Just so you are aware, the game WILL be rated M.  You can use your map to pick different places to disrupt the influence of the mob.  In the gameplay, Lincoln accepted a mission to kill a lieutenant in the mob.  We saw Lincoln sneak into a hotel room and take out the target.  Then, Lincoln went out in a blaze of glory to kill the other guards and reinforcements.  Lincoln was able to prepare for the mission by loading up on ammo from a gun truck, which is a perk from one of your lieutenants.  A perk from another lieutenant allowed Lincoln to call in reinforcements to help him take out guards.

We also saw part of a mission on a riverboat.  A high level target was on board to support a dirty politician.  Lincoln first caused the boat to crash.  Fires broke out on the boat and people abandoned ship – right into crocodile infested waters.  Lincoln quickly went to work on the guards.  I saw Lincoln use pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and Molotov cocktails with devastating results.  Pressing B at certain times makes Lincoln perform brutal specialty kills.  Lot’s of blood was spilled on that boat.  Did I mention this will be rated M?  The kills were absolutely brutal and violent.  I think it is a natural result of Lincoln’s blood thirsty revenge.

I won’t tell you how the mission ends, but you can assume it did not go well for the target.  I wanted to mention briefly one other aspect to the game.  As you may or may not know, you will have lieutenants who help you.  Depending on choices you make and how you divide the territory, your lieutenants may love or hate you.  We saw one lieutenant get mad at Lincoln for not giving him a piece of property and vow to kill Lincoln!  We then saw Lincoln go to the lieutenant’s base of operations with guns blazing.  I don’t know how it turned out, but that is a fascinating aspect that you must take into account when playing this game.

If you like bloody vengeance stories, then this game is for you.  It has a lot of different game elements that will keep you busy for hours.  I can’t wait for October 7th to get my hands on the full game.  It is definitely an exciting addition to the Mafia Series.

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