First Impressions – WB Games Lego Dimensions and Force Awakens

by on June 16, 2016
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I had the chance to check out WB Games at E3 on Wednesday.  I am a huge fan of the Lego series and enjoy playing the games with my children.  Before the conference, the trailer for Year 2 was released.  And boy, did they showcase some exciting new characters and packs for this year.

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The booth featured two sections.  I first visited the Dimensions area.  After a wait in line, we entered a room to watch a presentation of the Year 2 lineup.  They showed the trailer again, then put up a screenshot of all the upcoming franchises that will be available in Year 2.  I wish I was allowed to take a picture because the number of franchises was very impressive.  There is a lot of potential for new levels and abilities with these new franchises.  WB Games assured us that they have some surprises coming in the future and many ideas to keep Lego Dimensions going for a long time.

We saw footage from Mission Impossible and the new Ghostbusters movie.  Mission Impossible included levels based on the first movie.  They showed Ethan Hunt scanning a nearby character to take his appearance, just like the mask feature in the movie.  The Ghostbusters pack features 6 levels based on the film.  The demo included a spoiler free look at part of the game.  The puzzles were fun and the controls are the same as usual.  The scenes featured humorous dialogue amongst the characters.  Putting together different characters from different franchises will cause some humorous dialogue between the characters.  Besides the Ghostbusters level, I had the chance to play capture the flag in one of the new Battle Arenas.  The rules are simple capture the flag rules.  The flags are kept in specific areas that will look different depending on the character pack.  Harry Potter’s arena is a quiditch arena.  Adventure Time has colorful castles with traps.  Each level has power ups that affect the play of the game.  The Battle Arena will be a welcome addition to the franchise.  Now there are still things being worked out with some franchises.  For example, will Sloth have a Goonies based level?  Or will he just be a playable character for the Battle Arena’s?  Only time will tell.  One piece of good news – you do not need to buy a new starter pack!!!  Year 2 figurines will work on the original starter pack.  That will save you a ton of money.


After Lego Dimensions, I tried the new Force Awakens Lego game.  Force Awakens comes out in about two weeks.  The demo was a lot of fun.  You play as Rey, Finn, and BB-8 on Jakku.  The demo allowed you to play their escape from Jakku.  There were a few twists to the demo that I absolutely loved.  First, you will encounter puzzles that require you to quick build something either on the left or right.  After it is built and used, you need to break it down and built it again on the opposite side.  I thought that was a very interesting change to the traditional quick build the bouncing pieces.  Second, you will have access to different bots throughout each level.  They will have different capabilities to help you throughout the game.  The bot I unlocked used its tread and uncovered buried items in the sand.  The demo included some very funny instances.  My favorite was seeing a stormtrooper with a helmet and swim trunks getting a tan in the sun while in the middle of a heated battle.  The demo ended with destroying Tie Fighters as we raced to get off Jakku in the Millennium Falcon.

Based on my play with both games, I have no doubt that WB Games have some more winners on their hands.  I can’t wait to get more time with Force Awakens and Year 2 packs!!!!

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