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First Impressions: Laser League

by on June 22, 2017

E3 2017 had a lot of great surprises.  All companies really brought their A game to the show and there were a lot of games that surprised me.  One of those games was Laser League.  It had everything I’m looking for in a sports game – easy to use controls and matches that left me wanted more.

Laser League is the high-octane contact sport of 2150.  Players battle against the opposition for control of nodes that bathe the arena in deadly light. These nodes will disperse after a short time, so players must make contact with them as quickly as possible to activate them in your team’s color.  It’s important to keep an eye on the color of the laser.  If you make contact with the opposite colored laser, then you are knocked out until someone can revive you.  If your team gets wiped, then it’s game over.

The coolest part of Laser Team is the strategy that is involved.  Not only are there strategies for each arena, but you need to select your character class carefully.  Yes, you can choose different abilities to help you in the game. Choose from six classes – Smash, Thief, Ghost, Shock, Snipe and Blade – to form an unstoppable team. Each class has its own unique abilities to master: phasing through lasers unharmed, delivering area power shocks, short-range blade kills, smash knockdowns, and stealing active laser nodes.  Besides classes, there are game-changing power-ups on the arena floor, which provide an edge during the game.

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The arenas are very cool.  Each one has a different pattern for their nodes.  And as the game progresses, the nodes move faster and are more unpredictable.  Of course, dodging is a key component to the game.  The walls can be phased through, meaning running into a wall will put you on the opposite wall.  That is a very useful strategy…unless you are like me, have bad timing, and run through a wall right into a node.

I tried a variety of strategies in my playthrough.  The best course of action is to have patience and use your special abilities.  I tried to rush the opposing team’s node to trap them, but that was very difficult to pull off.  Being patient and moving around will give you a better chance to activate nodes and trap opposing players.

Laser League’s gameplay is very addicting.  There is a randomness to each match where you will always have a chance to win.  If you don’t win, you get the opportunity to change your class and hopefully have a better shot at winning.  Like I mentioned before, the controls are very easy to master and it is extremely fun.

Laser League will be hitting Early Access Steam in the near future.  Eventually, it will make it’s way to consoles (most likely in 2018).  Personally, I can’t wait to jump back into Laser League when it is released.  You and your friends will have a blast!


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