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First Impressions – Kingdom Come: Deliverance

by on June 23, 2017

We often see epic fantasy RPGs like Skyrim and Elex.  It’s not very often that we see something with a more historical background.  Warhorse Studios is looking to change that with the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.  The story will feature a more historically driven story while bringing you RPG elements that we love.

The story is set in the 15th century Central Europe, the Kingdom of Bohemia is on the verge of civil war. You play Henry, the son of blacksmith. Your hometown was raided and your family was murdered. Driven by a lust for vengeance you go out on an epic journey. The local lord trust you to identify the culprits behind the massacres plaguing the region. You will need to use all your skills of persuasion, intimidation and interrogate bandits in order to get the valuable information, but you are not the only one who is after the raiders. A mysterious killer is slaughtering all the witnesses in the most vicious way. In order to bring end to the blood trail you must act fast.

The demo started me out in the very beginning of the game.  Henry’s father sends you on a mission to gather resources to create a sword (which plays an important role in the game).  Kingdom Come has goals for you, but you can accomplish them in any way you want.  I had about 4 places to stop at.  I decided to visit a drunkard who owes my father money.  The money that I will collect will go towards purchasing resources for my father.

Well, the drunkard did not take kindly to my visit and we got into a fist fight.  The fight, along with other fights in the game, will require some strategy.  You can’t spam the attack button and expect to come out on top.  Defense is just as important.  Unfortunately I lost the fight, but that let me have the opportunity to recruit my friends to help me out…after I help them, of course.

The game will feature many types of instances like this.  You will have to make choices, and win or lose, the consequences will be important for future choices and instances.  Speech is very important in Kingdom Come, and correct choices can help you earn XP.  And there are a lot of speech choices you can make – over 600,000 lines of dialogue were recorded (along with about 4 hours of cutscenes).

Besides the main campaign, you have the chance to practice battle techniques.  This is important because you will battle a great deal in the game.  The game features swordplay and bow and arrows.  It’s a realistic game, so you won’t see lighting bolts or fireballs here.  In this mode, you can choose different armor types and weapons to practice with.  Light armor doesn’t protect you much, but it gives you more mobility.  Heavy armor is strong, but your vision is obscured by the helmet visor, so it’s hard to see.  Warhorse tried to make it very realistic.  Even the menu features font and artwork that would match the 15th century.

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Now I need to mention that my demo did not run very smoothly.  With any massive game like Kingdom Come, there are bugs that will pop up.  In my playthrough, my character literally lost his head during a couple fist fights.  The camera went back and showed my body with no head.  The bug kept me from moving around properly and I was literally a punching bag.  I was never knocked out, but I kept getting hit and I couldn’t defend myself or move.  It happened again when I was trying to punch and I accidentally hit my friends (which made them attack me).  The game will come out early 2018, so there is some time to work on these bugs.

There is a great deal of potential here.  The bug was very unfortunate, but there is time work on that.  The release date is February 2018, so plenty of time.  I think Kingdom Come will intrigue fans of historical action as well as gamers who are looking for a long campaign.  If you want to see more, check out some gameplay below!

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