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First Impressions: Far Cry 5

by on June 12, 2017

Far Cry 5 has been near the top of my most anticipated list ever since the first haunting trailer was released.  Since this is the first entry to be located in the United States, I was eager to see Ubisoft’s vision of what would happen to good folk who are taken over by fanatical cultists.  So let’s discuss what I saw and my impressions of my 10 minute demo.

The demo takes place (in my opinion) towards the beginning of the game.  The demo starts at Fall’s End.  If you look up “small, rural town” in the dictionary, you would probably see a picture of Fall’s End.  The demo made sure you knew how small it was.  The population is 38, and contains a church, store, bar, and houses.  At this early stage, Far Cry 5 looked beautiful.  Grass swayed nicely in the wind.  The scenery was absolutely gorgeous.  I’ve never been to Montana, but Fall’s End looks how I would picture it.  Well, except for the heavily armed cultists who are beating the townsfolk.

The purpose of this demo is to showcase the Guns for Hire, an added addition to the franchise.  At the start, you get to pick someone to assist you in saving Fall’s End.  If you want stealth, pick Boomer, the fiercely loyal dog.  If you want to reign hellfire from above, pick Nick and his fully loaded airplane.  If you want sniper fire, pick Grace.  I picked Grace because, and the developer James put it, she is a good mix of stealth kills and can pack a punch when necessary.  The sniper comes in handy, although her shots alerted many enemies.

The Guns are very easy to control.  Simply aim somewhere and hit left on the D-pad to send them to a location or to have them target a specific enemy.  It was also simple to cancel an order and send them somewhere else.  My favorite part was the intelligent AI that the Guns showed.  In my demo, I alerted all of the cultists and Grace opened fire without waiting for orders.  I was able to focus on enemies right by me and she took care of those a little farther away.  I was very happy to have a competent teammate!

The gameplay is pretty much what is expected in a Far Cry game.  You have an assorted variety of weapons to use.  You can go guns a blazing or stealth kill enemies and those who can sound alarms.  The mechanics were smooth and I had a ton of fun liberating Fall’s End.

Understandably, the demo was short.  But it gave me a good feeling about the rest of the game.  Liberating towns was like taking over outposts in previous Far Cry entries.  But it felt better liberating a town.  You aren’t just killing enemies.  You are freeing a town from oppression and violence.  And yes, these cultists say some crazy stuff.  One guy yelled that “this one was for the red, white, and blue.”  Talk about fanatics!  These cultists are terrible people and you need to put a stop to them.

Far Cry 5 can’t come out soon enough!  We unfortunately have to wait until February 2018.  However, I loved what I saw so far and can’t wait to see more.  We will bring you more information as it becomes available.  In the meantime, check out the gameplay trailer that was released today during the Ubisoft keynote!

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