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First Impressions – Detroit: Become Human

by on June 12, 2017

It feels very weird to write about Detroit: Become Human.  After my demo, I thought I had an idea about what to expect from the full game.  Then, Sony dropped this incredible trailer that makes me question if I really know what to expect from the full game –

It looks like you may be controlling multiple protagonists!  I love the idea of seeing multiple viewpoints from the Androids.  We have to wait a while before Detroit comes out.  But in the meantime, let me tell you my thoughts on the demo I played today.

If you remember the original reveal last year, you may recall a police android, Daniel, in a hostage crisis.  The demo is the exact scenario that you see in the trailer (I’ll post a link at the bottom to refresh your memory).

Your task is to gather clues about what happened when an android killed his owner and took the daughter hostage.  The gameplay is pretty methodical.  You go to different areas and gather clues (a simple icon shows you where to scan).  Prompts will be shown (mostly button pushes and movements on an analog stick) to help you solve crimes.  As you find more clues, you will play out exactly what happened and get a better understanding as to what happened.  All information is vital – your probability of success will rise as you get more clues.  In my run, I found all the clues and jumped up to about 70% chance of success.

The freedom that you get in Detroit is insane.  Like I mentioned, I found and investigated all the clues.  However, I saw one guy go straight to the hostage negotiation without investigating.  The big difference between our experiences is the options during the negotiation.  If you don’t find all the clues, you won’t have as many options when talking down the renegade android.

The negotiation itself is pretty intense.  One wrong decision can drop your probability.  The worst drop I saw was going form 92% to 79% because of a choice that the deviant android didn’t like.  It was very stressful (any situation where a child is in danger is very stressful).

The demo ran about 15 minutes, and my only wish was to see different endings.  Every run that I saw, including my own, ended with Daniel saving the girl by sacrificing himself.  It kept looking for clues from other runs and tried to do something different in my run.  However, I got the same ending as everyone else.  That will be one of the blessings and curses of Detroit.  There are a ton of options in this game, but it will be really challenging to figure out which choice is the right one.  Kudos to Quantic Dream for making such an amazing and layered game.

Graphically, the demo was top notch.  It was crazy seeing the emotion displayed by other characters and the emotionless gaze of the android Daniel.  The details were clear and the entire demo was stunning.  We are in for a treat when Detroit is complete.

I gotta say that I enjoyed the demo immensely.  Quantic Dream is a talented studio, and Detroit: Become Human looks to be another fantastic game in their portfolio.

To get an idea of what the demo was like, check out the reveal trailer from last year.  Let us know if you are looking forward to the eventual release of Detroit: Become Human in the comments below!

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