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First Impressions: Crackdown 3

by on June 19, 2017

I was very fortunate to play a quick 10 minute demo of Crackdown 3.  Like many of you, I played the original game because it included an invite to the Halo 3 beta.  I was surprised to discover that I enjoyed Crackdown a lot more than Halo 3!  Ever since the lackluster Crackdown 2, I have wanted a  true sequel to the first game.  It looks like Crackdown will be bringing back everything that I want and added a few tweaks for this generation.

The demo was very simple – we were free to explore the city and use our agent in any way possible.  Our agent was pretty powerful, but we had the opportunity to increase his strength, agility, firearms, driving, and explosives.  The more you use these skills, the faster they increase.  For the sake of the demo, we upgraded our skills very quickly.  That will be scaled back in the full game.

The best way to increase your abilities is to gather orbs.  Yes, the orbs are back and scattered throughout the city, just like the previous entries in the franchise.  The demo starts you out with some good abilities, so it was easy to jump to different orb locations.  At the start of the game, you will most likely need to get easy orbs, then build your ability so you can jump to the top of buildings.

Everything in the demo worked really well for me.  I had no issues grabbing ledges, throwing items, and taking out bad guys.  There were lots of weapons to try and the auto target lock is available to switch from target to target.  The only negative was the short demo time.  I wanted to go explore the city and see what was out there!  Also, the driving mechanic is still not my favorite.  I found myself jumping from place to place instead of driving.  Let’s be honest – it’s fun to jump to different places instead of driving!  The driving mechanic isn’t bad, but I’m an badass agent – I don’t want to drive anywhere.

The key to Crackdown’s success will be additional content and story.  Much of what I saw is what I expect from the series.  I want to know what kind of different additions will be added to the game.  One of the publishers at the booth told me that a lot of time will be spent flushing out your agent.  You will get to know the agent and some story will be included to give your agent personality and backstory.  This was very encouraging to hear.  It will be interesting to find out more when the game comes out November 7th.

Overall, I got exactly what I was expecting.  The game, much like the first one (I don’t like talking about the second game), is a blast to play.  Hopefully some story will be included to give you a purpose and some way to become emotionally invested in your agent.  If you enjoyed the first game, you will definitely enjoy Crackdown 3.

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