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First Impressions: Call of Duty World War II

by on June 19, 2017

I used to play Call of Duty consistently.  Somehow, starting with Black Ops III, I lost interest.  The game was boring to me.  To be clear, I was never amazing at COD (except with objective based game modes).  However, it felt boring and unfair for those who didn’t level up quickly.  I was cautiously optimistic when Call of Duty: World War II was announced.  I felt encouraged because Call of Duty looked like it was going back to basics.  I had a wonderful 20 minute sessions during E3 and came away very impressed and encouraged by the new game.

I had the opportunity to look at multiplayer and a theater presentation showing of the single player campaign.  Let’s start with multiplayer, which was an absolute blast.  We played two different modes: Team Deathmatch and the new War mode.  Team Deathmatch ran really smooth and classes were very good.  The map included a few bunkers and trenches that made the gameplay pretty crazy.  I loved that the classes didn’t feel overpowered!  There were definite pros and cons to each class, and I had a blast switching between them during the game.  Of course, class balance may change when the game is released.  But as of right now, it was smooth and fair.

War mode feels like something you would see in Battlefield, but with a few different twists.  You have objectives that you need to accomplish in order to progress through the map.  In the demo, we needed to take over a base of operations, build a bridge, then escort a tank to it’s destination.  Throughout the game, there are areas where you can build turrets to help you along the way.  You also had to be next to the tank to help it make progress.  If you had a team wipe, then the tank would go backwards and wait for you to respawn.  Overall, I really enjoyed the War mode.  It was fast paced and the building mechanic was interesting.  This was another mode where I needed multiple classes to help my team.  I enjoyed the crap out of multiplayer.

In the theater, I saw about 15 minutes of single player campaign.  For those who don’t know, you play Private “Red” Daniels, a soldier serving between 1944-45.  In the single player campaign, you go to a variety of hot spots from WWII.  In this particular demo, your squad goes through a small church to reach some anti aircraft guns that you need to take out.  Now there were several things that stuck out to me that I liked (and keep in mind, I haven’t played COD in years, so I don’t know if they are brand new or if they existed previously).  First, your squad mates have specific jobs.  You don’t have them follow or wait.  You ask the medic to give you kits (your health doesn’t regenerate).  Your scout can mark enemies with a white outline so you can snipe them.  I love having specific duties for your AI teammates.  Second, the game is really gory.  I saw guys lose limbs in very gory detail.  The graphics look phenomenal.  The gameplay, with some QTE thrown in, looks great.

I gotta admit that I am very excited by what I say in Call of Duty: World War II.  The single player looks great, but I’m very encouraged by the multiplayer.  Everything that I saw has convinced me to give Call of Duty another chance.


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