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First Impressions – Batman: A TellTale Game Series

by on June 16, 2016

On Tuesday, I saw a tweet discussing the TellTale booth at E3.  With rumors about a replica mansion and batcave, I had to find their booth.  I looked in South and West hall and couldn’t find it.  Finally, I went to the Concourse Hall and found it.  I set up a media appointment to check out their booth and the new game coming this year.

When I walked in, the meeting area looked like a living room at Wayne Mansion.  The TV was on playing the Gotham News Network.  The set up had nice touches like the grand clock, cigar case, many books and trinkets, as well as a bar.  I observed the Wayne Family Portrait as I waited.  Then, one of the exhibitors opened a hidden wall to let us into…..THE BATCAVE!!!!!  TellTale went all out with the set up.  The cave walls had minimal lighting and the Bat Computer looked beautiful.

The demo was approximately 30 minutes and featured 2 distinct parts.  TellTale did this to show us both Batman and Bruce Wayne are essential components in this series.  Your decisions as Bruce Wayne are equally as important at you decisions playing Batman.  I also want to point out that this game is an original story, not based on any comic, TV, or movie plot.  It takes place early in Batman’s career.  A time before Harvey Dent was Two Face and Gordon was only a lieutenant in the GPD.

The demo started with Batman.  We see a group of robbers breaking into City Hall.  The robbers were not to be messed with – they were organized and brutal (I was a little shocked when they shot a security guard in the head).  Of course, they were on the lookout for the one person who could stop them – Batman.  Did they stand a chance?  Or course not!  Batman kicked some serious trash by pressing button sequences at specific times.  The action only slowed down a little as you raced to hit the proper button on time.  As Batman kicked a robber through a door, we meet a more famous robber – Catwoman.  More action ensued as you raced to catch her and a disc that she stole.  You end up recovering the disc, but get injured thanks to a police officer’s bullet.  Catwoman may have lost the disc, but she escaped capture.

Next, we had a look at Bruce Wayne right after the incident with Catwoman.  He is holding a fundraiser for Harvey Dent, and you must walk with him to sweet talk the guests and get their support for Harvey.  Like other TellTale games, you have a specific time limit to choose between four conversation options.  The conversations are not easy – there are many good choices that will effect what happens in the game.  For example, Carmine Falcone arrives at the party and wants to shake your hand.  EVERYONE in the party looks to see what you will do.  And of course, Carmine and the crowd will remember what you do.  In our demo, Bruce was not swayed by Carmine’s pitch.  Bruce did not shake his hand or accept Carmine’s offer to work together.  Carmine remembers your choices and will probably make life difficult in the future.

The demo was fantastic.  The art design is top notch.  The gameplay was smooth and showed essential elements that make Batman and Bruce Wayne great.  We were told that Batman will do some investigating using a Detective mode throughout the game.  They also said be on the lookout for surprises.  We only saw a handful of iconic Batman characters (besides the characters mentioned, we saw Vicki Vale), we were told that characters in the background may turn out to be someone we know from Batman lore.

The first part comes out this summer and will continue for the rest of this year.  You can expect five parts to this series.  By the look of this demo, TellTale has a winner with this Batman series.  I can’t wait to try the full game soon!!!

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