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EA Play – EA Sports

by on June 14, 2016

Tonight, I had the opportunity to check out the EA live event at L.A. Live.  EA had demos set up for some of their sports franchises.  Here are my thoughts on my time with the demos!

Madden 17


I’m going to be honest.  I do not like Madden.  It just isn’t for me.  The game is arguably the most popular of the EA Sports games.  However, I have a hard time getting into it.  The demo looked nice.  Even though it is not finished, the graphics looked clean with lots of detail to football.  There are a ton of plays to choose from and you have the ability to audible a new play (just like previous installments of the game).  I did not notice big changes to the game.  It felt like previous installments of the game.  However, one thing to note is the new announce team.  I never had a problem with the old team, but I guess it was a source of contention amongst gamers.  Gamers I talked to liked the new announce team.  I will not get this game, but millions of players will.

NHL 17


Can we just take a moment to marvel at the score?  It helped dull the pain of losing the Stanley Cup this year.  As you may have seen in our NHL preview videos, I am a hockey fan and I love the Sharks.  I had fun with NHL 16, but there are some mechanical aspects that were awful.  Well, EA heard you and fine tuned NHL 17.  Players are faster and respond better to your control.  It is faster pace, but not unrealistic.  The interactions in front of the goal are some of the most intense sports moments that I ever felt in a sports game.  AND THEY FIXED THE PASSING!!!!!!  Passing works a whole lot better than NHL 16.  A staff member that I talked to said I wasn’t the only one with these complaints about NHL 16.  Looks like EA was listening!



Boy, I am TERRIBLE at FIFA.  But it’s so much fun!!!!  FIFA 17 is another winning installment in the franchise.  It boasts new offensive sets and skills that make the game more realistic.  If I wasn’t so terrible at it, I would probably really enjoy these offensive changes.  We were able to play a basic match and try the new story mode.  I for one am very excited about the story mode.  You control a character as he works his way up in the world of soccer.  The demo starts off as your character, Hunter, begins his first game with Manchester United.  You come up with another player who gets to start the game while you ride the pine.  You have conversation options to choose from when talking to your teammate, coach, and media.  With 20 minutes left in the match, the coach calls on you to enter the game.  You earn points by achieving specific goals.  In the 20 minutes, you are asked to earn an assist in the game, win the game, and impress your coach enough to earn a 7/10 ranking.  I loved my time with FIFA, and the single player feels like a welcome addition to the franchise.


20160613_195559 (1)

UFC was not available to play, but they had a neat tournament featuring top ranked UFC gamers.  The show had announcers calling play by plays of the action.  The winner got a sweet championship belt.

Many thanks to EA Sports for allowing me to try the new entries in these franchises!  Keep it locked on GameOctane for more from E3.

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