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E3 Journal – Day 2

by on June 13, 2016

Today’s journal will be a little short.  I have articles coming later tonight about my experiences at the Microsoft Conference, PC Gaming Show, and EA Play.  Here are some thoughts about today –

  • I can’t express how lucky I am to be here.  The experience is one that I wish all gamers can experience.  It feels like E3 is heading in that direction.  There are several ways for fans to see demos and other exciting developments.  Sure, big events like Microsoft and Sony will have mostly media and industry members.  But events like EA Play will be more and more popular in the future.  Any fan could register to go to EA Play.  And it was wonderful talking to everyone and seeing the excitement on their faces when they tried the games.  We need more events like this.
  • I have no idea who “won” the big conferences today.  I did not see the Sony conference, but heard great things.  The Microsoft conference was phenomenal.  I think I’m ready to say enough with judging who wins at E3.  Let’s just enjoy the show and the exciting future of gaming.
  • Boy, companies really take care of guests.  I told myself before I got here that the freebies are not a big deal and I don’t need them.  Man, was I wrong.  Shout out to the gaming companies who spend thousands of dollars to give things to fans like shirts and food.

Tomorrow will be the ACTUAL start to the show.  Nintendo will do their thing at 9am.  The show floor will open at noon.  I can’t wait to bring you reviews, pics, and hopefully interviews with industry members.  Stay tuned to GameOctane for more coverage of E3.

And watch out for zombies.


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