E3 Journal – Day 2 (PC Gamer/Sony)

by on June 14, 2016
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The PC Gamer event was housed in the Ace hotel theater which had a very gothic metal hellish look to it, it was basically Dracula’s playhouse. The event started with a “shopping spree” contest but with steam. The contestant got to keep over $1000 in steam purchases and a bunch of accessories like head phones and a mouse. There was a few premiers and some showcases. Dawn of War 3 was announced and showcased with a real Space Marine on stage. AMD showed off their new “Pascal” line of GPUs which they referred to as “VR on a budget”. One of the main product highlights was a “backpack” style portable PC for use with VR headsets like the vive. Managed to score several boxes of lootcrates and some shirts as swag.

At the Sony event I was able to snag a seat in the front row. Sony had a full orchestra and choir to kick off the event. After several minutes of music the event finally started by revealing the new God of War game. Kratos is now going after the Nordic pantheon. It seems as everything is “Viking” themed. Next up the Sony rep revealed that the PSVR would be available October 13th for $399 and have over 50 games at or around launch. Among the trailers for PSVR were Call of Duty Infinite, a Batman VR game! And my favorite Battlefront Xwing Mission pack!!! Flying Xwings in VR??! Sold!

Hideo Kojima made an appearance and showed off his new game hes been working on entitled Death Stranding. A Silent Hill style, new horror game that stars walking Dead’s Norman Reedus. Gotta love it. There is FINALLY going to be a Crash Bandicoot HD collection featuring all the original games remastered for Playstation 4.

Horizon Dawn is another title that was shown that simply looks amazing. After the show ended, I was able to try out some Playstation VR. While it is not the best hardware out there compared to the oculus or the Vive it’s still really comfortable and still looks/handles very well. Had no problems with the Move controllers. SO excited for VR.

Thats a wrap for Day 2 of what I was able to go see. Tomorrow we hit the actual E3 floor. Stay tuned for more right here at GameOctane!!

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