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SVCC 2017 Exclusive – K2SO Papercraft and Owen Gildersleeve Studio

by on May 12, 2017

This year we were able to meet up with Owen and Thomas from Owen Gildersleeve Studios again on their latest project for SVCC 2017. These fine papercraft geniuses were able to bring to life K2SO from the latest Star Wars film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Last year they were able to bring us an amazing version of Ironman himself (See Below) on the show floor as seen below which then ended up being boxed and shipped to one of the SVCC Organizers home and brought back this year to stand next to K2SO.

Iron Man From 2016 – Silicon Valley Comic Con

Moving forward to this year and looking at the K2SO unit a little closer, they were able to add the moving head piece with the help of a Arduino processing unit. The technology and hand crafted precision with these projects is such an amazing feet and requires a ton of talent bundled with even more patience. All weekend on the show floor there was people passing by, snapping photos, and standing next to in awe of this work of art.

This year we were able to get an audio interview done with Owen and Thomas and get some great still shots and some video of the K2SO unit (Seen Below).

To check out more on the Papercraft industry and get a inside look at what Owen and Thomas do at their studio, please make sure to check them out on social media outlets like Facebook, and their website. They have some additional footage of ongoing projects, as well as part of the making of K2SO. You can also find their contact information as well.





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