Secret Emulation Menu Revealed On New PlayStation Classic

by on December 7, 2018
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PlayStation Classic

Recently on December 3rd, 2018 Sony graced us with its form of mini retro gaming. The original PlayStation One console was released on December 3rd, 1994. That is exactly 24 years ago in time and their way of celebrating their 24th Anniversary. What Sony may have not seen coming, was how quickly folks would get their hands on it and start getting into places they probably shouldn’t be accessing. For $99 you can own a pretty sweet piece of gamer history with 20 pre-loaded amazing titles and apparently if you own just the right keyboard you can access even more.

The one feature that stands out to most is the option to “Load CD Image”. This potentially means that one would have the ability to add more games to the system itself. Of course keep in mind like most things, all this fun has the price of also potentially bricking your amazing little $99 console,  so be careful with anything you do.

Seen here (Courtesy of Retro Gaming Arts), you can modify several settings including…

  • Additional RAM-based save states for each game
  • Simulated CRT-style scanlines
  • Modifiable “frameskip” settings
  • A frames-per-second display
  • Ability to change the emulation “region” to force 50fps PAL games to run at the 60fps NTSC standard

Not Just Any Keyboard

While it mentions that it is as easy as hitting the escape key, this method has been tested with several keyboards in upwards to 15-20 different brands and styles. The most successful so far seems to be the Corsair K70 keyboard. Most of the folks that have done this though say it is mostly trial and error as their is not an official list obviously of “Supported” or “Non-Supported” keyboards as the entire “Hack” itself is not supported by PlayStation.

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