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Links, Resources And More!

by on August 20, 2015

So, there’s this new alternative to Google in town, and it’s called rrrepo, with a     highly stylized r. The creators of the site, Ben Mildren and Chris Cates, define it as:

 rrrepo is the go-to place for high quality links on any given    subject.

which this writer can certanly agree to. This is what Ben has to say about the site:

rrrepo started life as Back in 2012, I (Ben) frequented forums and subreddits where I continually saw the same questions over and over again.

Questions like:

  • What are the best design blogs?
  • What’s the best jQuery plugin for X, Y and Z?

The questions would get answered, then vanish into the digital ether, and a week later the question would pop again like the internet had some bizarre amnesia.

In an attempt to combat these questions, I compiled the top answers to the most frequent questions. I then categorised and displayed them on webdesignrepo.

webdesignrepo was a success, and grew from 50 links on launch to over 1700 links 2 years later. I even incorporated submissions from users and an additions bar to show recent additions to the repo. Over time, I got multiple requests to create repos for other topics. The idea for rrrepo was born.

rrrepo is a place for anyone to create and moderate their own repo, a curated collection of high quality links. Users can follow all of their favourite repos, and all the additions to those repos will appear in their newsfeed. Users can also upvote links in repos and comment on them too.

Along with a bevy of other features (and so much more to come) rrrepo aims to be the go to place on the web for high quality, curated resources.

Certanly an interesting idea they’ve hit upon. And it’s proven incredibly popular, with over 150 repos created at the time of writing this article. And it’s growing rapidly. Their homepage, which is a relatively clean yet non-material design, features 4 hand-picked repos, with their latest additions. Oh and did I mention, you can vote on what you think they should add next?


So go on, semi-ditch google and start using for all your link needs!


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