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Hunt the Wicked Kickstarter Preview

by on August 25, 2015

Hunt the Wicked is a (already funded at the time of this writing and has 17 days left) pen and paper RPG done by Sigil Stone Publishing. Its a fun, easy to learn, take on a genre that seems to be very cookie cutter these days. The premise is simple yet allowing even the most hardcore role-players to truly create characters in this space-opera RPG. They explain it best on the ‘Hunt the Wicked’ Kickstarter page.

You are a Bounty Hunter, sworn to hunt the wicked, keep the peace, and prevent the ire and retribution of your people’s master.

Three sentient species live under the terrifying rule of the Archon – an incomprehensibly powerful organism capable of consuming stars. All civilizations that have expanded beyond their system must face the Great Filter’s crucible and be judged. Only three have been deemed fit to avoid extinction.

As a Hunter, you’ve been entrusted with meting retribution upon the corrupt and the vile. Keep your guns loaded, your blades sharp, and your insight keen, or else risk the Archon’s calamitous judgment upon us all.

Hunt the Wicked is a tabletop roleplaying game focusing on Bounty Hunters: peacekeepers, gunslingers, saviors, and assassins, the heroes and mercenaries that go after the bad guys. They’re here to save the galaxy, and make a profit while doing it.

Not sold yet? Lets focus on the dynamics of this game. Each character will need a motivation. Why are you pursuing a target? Are you worried about innocents? Is your target a sworn enemy? Its seriously up to you and a great take on building a character rather than the “I am chaotic neutral” player. This gets you a deeper connection with not only the character but the game as well. There are five motivations: Community, Esteem, Justice, Liberty, and Power. Yeah, I can see you already dreaming of characters in this space western opera.

Another awesome dynamic is the Motivation Dice (MD). MD is granted to players from the Game Master for following through or acting on their motivation. Players can then use these dice to add to dice rolls or Maneuvers. I definitely recommend heading to the Kickstarter to learn more about the in game mechanics.

How does it play though? Does it use overly complicated dice rolls? No thank god. It keeps it simple with nothing but D6 rolls. Successes are counted based on the face value of each die (1-6), with the number determining success based on a character’s Skill. Poorly skilled characters succeed on a 6, while the most competent succeed on 3s or better. (Taken directly from the Kickstarter. It uses the same mechanics as their last successful Kickstarter Vow of Honor.

A link to their Hunt the Wicked Character Sheet.

For only $12 USD you get a copy of the PDF and a ‘at cost code’ to receive a physical copy of the book from DriveThru RPG. Again as I wrote earlier its already funded, and currently only need $2 USD to reach the first stretch goal – a high detailed cover illustration. Definitely check this out, get the band back together and save your mice, roll some dice.

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