Limbitless & 343 Collaborate on New Halo Themed Bionic Arm

by on December 20, 2018
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Limbitless & 343 Industries New Bionic Arm…

In a recent blog post on 343 Industries homepage, they explain that “Limbitless Solutions is a non-profit organization that creates an affordable option for prosthetic-limb devices for children. Using rapid prototyping technologies ‑ 3D printing specifically ‑ prosthetic arms that are fully functional and capable of gripping objects and various gestures are created and fitted to children at a fraction of the cost compared to other prosthetics on the market. The incredible and dedicated team over at Limbitless began in 2014 as a group of University of Central Florida students who wanted to help a family whose son was born without most of his right arm, and since Limbitless has grown to a full-time operation based at UCF in Orlando, Fla.”

The Halo Collection…

Looking at the Collaboration of Limbitless and 343 Industries, beginning in 2019 children and parents will be given the option of adding a little Master Chief straight from Halo to their world. Of course the standard green design we are all used to seeing will be available, but they are also “a “multiplayer” variant of the Mjolnir-inspired and personalized prosthetic, allowing a wide range of creative color customization to create a Spartan style as unique and heroic as the recipients themselves”.

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News like this always makes me have that amazing feel good moment, seeing the smiles on kids faces from their reaction with wearing it, how to use it, and showing it off to their friends and families. You always see a ton of those videos out there on YouTube for revealing moments on a child’s first sight of color, or something as cool as this as getting their new arm that they don’t have to feel weird, or different about. Or if it is something that makes them feel different, it also empowers them as well, and with the customization that is offered it really caters to the person it is fitted for. Thank you Limbitless for the positive change you bring to the world and 343 Industries for help making the ability to have more customization and options out there for the gamers at heart.

For more information on Limbitless Solutions and their innovative and empowering projects, please make sure to visit on the web, or on Twitter at @Limbitless3D. You can also learn more about their amazing studio and team by checking out their YouTube channel.

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