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Diary of a Daddy Gamer v1.7

by on April 10, 2017

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these. The last time was when Grayson was 10 months old. Now hes a year and 7 months. Time is flying by so quickly, it’s insane. Hmm whats happened since then? Grayson is fully running around like a mad man. He’s in the 90+ percentile for height and weight. He eats damn near anything. He also loves keyboards, gaming controllers and Elmo…Damn that Elmo.

Within these last 19 months I’ve learned a lot. He really doesn’t like sleeping, he fights it. So when I would love to be writing fun stuff like this or busting out some reviews, or a simple game…I’m usually interrupted and need to try to get him back to sleep again. He understands what the gaming controllers do and likes taking them from me in the middle of a game. He knows how to turn on all of the gaming systems in the house. Once and a while he will disappear and you will her the chime of the Xbox One go off allowing me to rush over there find him. He also enjoys the NES controller from the NES Classic. I put on Joust and handed him the controller. He actually beat the first level with bonus points. Hell he didn’t move just went up and down but it somehow hit everyone perfectly and they landed in the water. I was damn impressed.

I have found myself doing something I missed as of late. Instead of settling down watching TV or playing a game. I started opening a book. It felt pretty good to do so. Especially from being so exhausted lately (we’ve all been sick for a couple weeks straight off an on), sometimes watching TV or playing a game seems to over stimulate me and it’s harder to actually go to sleep. Maybe give it a try, turn off the TV, open a book. See if sleep seems to come to you easier.

Another challenge I’ve had is the job commute. It takes away about two hours from my day inside of my car. The commute is sometimes harder than the work day itself, and it’s precious gam…Grayson time wasted 😀

Needless to say, I’ve been very busy with not much time to devote as I used to to GameOctane. I can’t thank Ryan enough for stepping up and helping out where things were slipping. We have a great crew here and looking to expand even further in 2017. More on that to come later.

I can’t wait for Grayson to get older and be able to get into some games. It’s going to be great fun watching him grow up and see what catches his interest. Maybe it wont be video games, maybe it will be something else. Either way, its going to continue being a hell of a ride, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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