The Caped Crusaders Are Coming To Silicon Valley Comic Con!!

by on April 14, 2017
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Welcome back Batman and Robin!!

A couple days ago, Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC) announced that the Caped Crusaders are making an appearance this year. SVCC is only one week away and this announcement also confirms that this will be a long awaited return of over 10 years for both Adam West and Burt Ward.

With the original Batman TV Show dating back to the 60’s, we were fully entertained with cheesy catch phrases, to action packed cliff hanging ending episodes. These two lit up the screen for all to enjoy. In recent years Adam West has been most well known for his appearance on the popular TV Show “Family Guy” by Seth McFarlane as well as several other TV and Movie voice acting appearances. With a great sense of humor, Adam still loves to entertain and enjoy life.

Burt has turned his love for crime fighting as the beloved Robin and turned to a lover of canines. In 1994, Burt and his wife, Tracy Posner Ward, philanthropist (and daughter of billionaire industrialist and philanthropist, Victor Posner), rescued a Great Dane in distress. From this experience, they learned about dozens of other Great Danes also needing homes. When they called weeks later to see what had happened to the others, they were horrified to hear that they had all been destroyed. Both Burt and Tracy have a huge love for animals. They made a decision, and created a rescue for Great Danes and other giant dog breeds.

Do not forget to check out your opportunity to meet, take photos, and get autographs with Adam and Burt (See Links Below). Channel your inner crime fighter today. Stay tuned into GameOctane as we get closer to the con and will have lots more of awesome content to share.

Purchase link for photo op:…/…/35518


Purchase link for autographs:…/…/35512,35516


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